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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project Photos

It is time. For photos of the latest project. From start to finish.

First I had to go to the place of curse, and get the raw materials. Which consisted of wooden poles. Like this.

This is the raw material. Plain old boring pine poles. Now I could have just used them like they were. But as someone once said in a comment here "nothing finishes a project like paint". Or something.

But I did not want to use paint. I thought that some wood stain would look better. Plus stain is easier to use. You gop the stuff on. No need to worry about brush strokes or over application. Just slop it on there! Let it sit for a few minutes (15 max) then wipe it off with a rag. The rag removes excess stain, and what is left is only the stuff that soaked into the wood.

Here is the pole, sanded and stained. I also cut the notch in the bottom of the pole, which you can sort of see. The notch is important because it keeps the pole from turning in the rod holder.

But you can not just stain something and call it done! Oh no. You have to apply clear varnish over the stain! It seals the wood and makes it all shiny any stuff. So you have to apply one coat, let it dry, lightly sand the finish with very fine grit sandpaper, then apply another coat. Repeat as desired. Three coats is probably enough, but I went with 4 or 5.

Here you can see a staff hanging from my fancy high tech drying apparatus. Notice how it is sort of shiny? Well that is wet varnish. But the pole is hanging outside and dries quickly. I used heavy fishing line and the kayak wall mount thing to make the fancy drying apparatus.
Now this is more like it! The close up shot reveals the staff in more detail. See how nice the stain looks? You can still see the wood grain. Paint covers up the grain. But this is still drying.

And now, the finished product. This is not the same staff as the one in the above photos, but it was done with the same steps.
Now this is starting to look finished! You can see the stainless steel eye bolt, and my fancy high tech flag attachment method. Cable ties. MUCH nicer than plain unfinished wood!!

The end result. From a plain boring pine pole, to a drilled notched stained varnished boat flag staff.

And they want $50 for a boring aluminum pole flag staff. HA! That wood was $1.30 a foot. Each staff is two feet. So that is a whole whopping $2.60. The stainless hardware was three or four bucks. So that is what - $6.60? The stain and varnish were $3.50 each - but I do not need an entire can for one staff. So lets figure I used 50 cents of stain and varnish. Up to $7.10! So I have less than $10 locked up in each staff.

Now - if I can just manage to not have these fly out of the boat when it is being towed home........



Blogger Bee Repartee said...

That looks very nice and polished. (pun not intended)

by the way, is that a regular camera or cell phone camera? It takes pretty nice pics.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Bee - the photos from the place of curse were taken with the cell phone. The others were taken with my waterproof Olympus digital camera.

Anonymous krok09 said...

The Lazy,

Looks great man. You could do the same for the other side and fly the Rebel flag.

Blogger doozie said...

those are some lovely stout poles

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I noticed you didn't add any gas from 5 trips to the cursed home improvement store. Anymore, that is a major part of any DYI project.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

I don't think I can be lookin' at stuff like that. It's been too long since I've been ... poled.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Krok - The other staffs are reserved for the divers down flag and the beer flag. And if I am fishing and catch anything, I have some fish flags.

Doozie - I take pride in my work.

Ed - gas never counts. The place of curse and the West Marine are both very close by.

Teri - Whats up with that? I though you had a hookup for that stuff??

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

That looked damn good at the end. You're lucky not to have dogs like mine around. They would have chewed on your pole before you had a chance to stain it.
Damn, that's one of those statements that sounds dirty but isn't. There are a ton of those in hockey.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - A little pepper spray or really hot sauce keeps dogs from chewing on things. Try it. It works.

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I wish I lived near a West Marine because I love that store. However living far away has its advantages, namely saving lots of money.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ed - no, living far away would mean that I would over buy stuff. And then when I had to go back to get $3 worth of loose hardware I would use more gas.


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