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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Madness

Time for another weekend!

But not just any weekend. Oh no! This is a weekend of the three day kind. So this means there must be plans.

At my usual Friday night hangout spot, I learned a few things. A friend of mine has an out of town guest staying for the summer. An out of town guest from a smaller community, landlocked in the desert. Away from the ocean or any large bodies of water.

But it gets better. My friend and her guest both like the water. Water is cool. And the guest is pretty much up for anything. If you came to Miami from a small community, and you find yourself living on South Beach it must be very cool. All the nightlife you could possibly ever want is right there! Just leave the apartment and walk around the block.

Anyhow the guest is up for snorkeling and whatever. So this is cool. She has never been in the ocean so it will be fun to hit some reefs. And the guest will love it.

Now where was I again? OH YEA! The plans!!

This weekend is gong to be nuts. Crazy nuts. So I made the decision to not do the snorkeling thing. I do not really want to trailer the boat to the Keys this weekend, and the ride from Miami to the areas I was thinking of hitting make for a long boat ride.

I opted for the "floating party spot" option. That will be fun. Everyone likes a party. And it is a short boat ride. I do not have to trailer a long distance. And so on. The perfect plan! A quick stop in some calm water to test snorkeling equipment and get used to the whole "swimming in the ocean" thing, then hit the party spot with all the other boats that will be there.

And now - for the plan!!!!!

Today - Get the boat ready. Top off the tank from the last time out. Or not, I have plenty of gas as it is now. Other than doing that the boat is ready. Sort of. I never did get those deck lockers fastened down. I might as well at least do that. I also need to unearth my snorkeling stuff. It is around here someplace. I may take a trip to ye old dive shop to price some equipment. The friend with the guest is a diver. I have not gone diving in years, because my other group of friends are not water people. Anyway I need new tanks and/or inquire as to the process of renting tanks. The other stuff I have.

Sunday - BOAT DAY! Get up early and load the boat. Hit the ramp. I have to time this just right. Too late and the ramps may be so full they are closed. I will try to be in the water by 8 AM. Last year at that time the ramps were active but not really crowded. Then hit the anchorage I have in mind to get desert people used to swimming in the large, salty ocean. In a protected safe area. Then hit the party spot.

Monday - Nothing yet. I am sure the group will come up with something.

LATER - A snorkeling mission to the reefs of the Keys. I have a few in mind. Ill get to dive again. I want to pick an easy shallow dive for the first few times out.



Blogger Bee Repartee said...

yay, for boat day.

Are you guys done burning down there and did yahoo eat my email to you (and my blog peops) as to my move?

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

I think your blog needs more cowbell.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Does all of this mean you're gonna get laid? ;)


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