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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ask The Iguana

I hope everyone had a good three day weekend.

I am still not sure it is proper to say "happy Memorial Day", because the day is not exactly as festive as say....Labor Day. It is a day of remembrance for those who fought, and died, for the Nation. Kind of heavy subject matter there.

Anyway, Sunday was a success. The floating party was an excellent idea. And since the idea was ALL MINE I can take full credit for it.

But it was a long day. I was not done until 11:30 PM. The day started at 7 AM. That is a long day.

And for some reason, there are green olives and other stuff stuck in my live well drain. The boat has five configurations. Party configuration, diving / snorkeling configuration, camping configuration, working configuration, and fishing configuration. Only one of these configuration involves t he use of the live well as a live well. All other configurations use the live well as a garbage hatch.

Anyhow, there were many bottle caps, plastic and metal, that got tossed in there. Also, grapes and olives managed to get tossed in there. Now one would think that objects like grapes and olives would have been consumed. But not so. Grapes and olives also do not count as "garbage" and may be tossed overboard. Why not.

Anyhow, I have to find a wet/dry vac and clear the live well drain. There could be a bottle cap or something stuck in there.

And now, time for another installment of ASK THE IGUANA!!!

Todays question involves the boor of choice for the massive floating party. I went with Sam Adams Light.

Now there were some good reason for this choice. The first being that Sam Adams Light is just plain good. It is not like other "light" beers. It has a decent color, and tastes good. Like a real beer. Not a full bodied real beer, but I would classify it as real.

The second reason is I could not find any Summer Ale. When it becomes available, Sam Adams Summer Ale is the official boat beer of the summer. It is crisp and refreshing and has a little lemon flavor in it and is just plain good. Perfect for a hot summer day.

The regular Sam Adams is just a bit "much" for a day on the boat. Yea I like the stuff, but out on the boat it can get to you. Forget about Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It is way too much beer for the boat in the summer. It makes a better winter boat beer. Or a camping configuration boat beer - if consumed at the camp site or at night while at anchor if the boat is the camp site.

So I went with Sam Adams Light. And I found out it is a light beer. I had something like 9 of the things. They must be light to drink that many on the boat.

The calorie content of the light beer had nothing to do with anything. Yea light beer has less calories than regular beer. So lets say regular Sam has 160 calories and the light version has 124 calories.

Yes, I just looked it up. Google is your friend. The difference in smart people and idiots is Google. Smart people know you can Google almost anything and get an answer. Most of the time. Smart people also know not to use the first result and can sort through the bullshit.

Anyway, lets say that I drink 6 regular Sam Adams. That is 6 x 160, so I would have drank 960 calories.

WOW! That is a lot! So let me switch to light beer. And drink 9 of them, because they are light! So that is 9 x 124 for a grand total of 1,116 calories.

See this is why so many people have issues with weight loss. It is not really what you eat, it is matter of how much you consume. A calorie is a calorie - no matter if it comes from a carrot or a slice of cheese cake. Granted, you can eat a few pounds of carrots or one small slice of cheese cake and get the same calories - but everyone knows that.

I once knew someone who was WAY over weight. Actually it was a friend of my mother. Anyway lets just call her "Fat Lady X". Now Fat Lady X was happy when they started to sell Snackwell cookies. Because they had 1/3 the fat or calories or whatever of other cookies.

So Fat Lady X reasoned that she could eat THREE BAGS of those cookies, or one bag of Chips Ahoy.

BZZZZZZ!!!! WRONG! Can everyone see the illogic here? And who the hell eats three bags of cookies in one sitting? Holy shit! Is that even possible?

So anyway, the light beer choice had nothing to do with calories. I actually consumed more calories because I could drink more of the light beer.

For the next boat mission, Ill probably load up in the snorkeling / dive configuration.

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Blogger cathouse teri said...

I'm so glad you had such a good and light time! :)

Blogger actonbell said...

And a good weekend was had by all!

I drank a lighter beer this weekend, which has the nice effect of not resulting in a hangover after drinking it all afternoon:) I still needed a nap, though, but it was a luxurious, pleasant nap after a day in the sunshine. Which I needed. The sleep AND the sunshine, I mean.

I admire you for not being a total alcoholic. If I lived in Florida and could be on the water every weekend, I'd have no self-control!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Teri - so am I!

Actionbell - I can not afford to be on the water every weekend..

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Memorial day is interesting. These people died in combat--let's eat and drink beer! What can ya say?
Three bags of cookies is way over the top even for me, and I can eat! But not nearly as much as I used to. Funny thing is, I can't eat as much as I used to but I weigh a lot more. Go figure.


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