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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Requiem For My Sunglasses

As you may recall from last weeks episode, Fred the orange cat got some sort of eye infection that turned his eye all red and puffy. So I had to take him to the vet.

And I did. He had kitty pink eye or something. So I got this goop to put in each eye 2 - 3 times a day. Which I did.

Fred did not exactly like it - but that is his problem not mine.

Well the red puffy eye MIGRATED to the other eye that looked fine last week. So not BOTH eyes are red and puffy. Not as red and puffy as the one eye was last Sunday, but not normal either.

So he had to go BACK to the vet.

The working theory is that he has a kitty cold. This would explain the sneezing, the wanting to sleep all the time, and the two red puffy eyes. And the slight fever. He is sick. And contagious. So I have to watch ALL the cats for signs of cat funk.

As if I have nothing else better to do than this.

At least the cat funk seems to be contained to Fred. Nobody else appears to be sick. Yet. The vet said there is still time for that to change. WONDERFUL!!! Vet trips for everyone! Medicine for everyone! Vet care is free after all, thanks to universal pet medicine!

Oh wait - vet care is NOT free. And the cats get to go to the doctor, but the last time I saw a doctor was when I had to go to the emergency room years ago.

Except for the eye doctor I have to go to when I run out of contacts. And the dentist so my teeth do not fall out. But what is my blood work like? Who knows! Care to guess? Is my liver working? Got me! It seems to be working. How about the cholesterol levels? Again - lets guess!!! Might be high, might be low.

The cats get better medical care than I do. How the hell did that happen???

Anyway there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Well pair of Ray Bans, we had some good times together. You were with me for a few years actually. You saw a lot of time on the boat. You were with me in the truck. You were with me for many a daytime drinking mission.

Yes, times were good. But then I dropped you on the floor at the airport, which resulted in the first crack. But I stayed with you. And then over time more cracks developed.

But I was used to good sunglasses. The cheap pairs just did not cut it. I like your Ray Ban green and polarized lenses. Colors look true. Glare is removed.

But now I fear there are just too many cracks. And I can not get replacement lenses, Ray Ban discontinued the style.

I will not totally abandon you. But I have to get replacements.


Yes, I really like my Ray Bans. But I registered for an account with Oakley Standard Issue. These sunglasses are only available to the military and some other people in Federal service. My ID was approved and all so I can get stuff now. For a really good discount too. The standard issue shades may look like the consumer glasses anyone can get, but the lenses are different. They are made to block shrapnel and crazy things like that. So I figure I can probably drop them without any damage resulting. I am going to order a pair. With really REALLY dark lenses. 9% light transmission.

For about 1/2 or less what they cost in the store.

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Blogger Fuzz said...

We use a goldenseal solution for the "Eye Disease"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hm, I guess you still have teeth and if the pee is not black the liver is working well. So all for the cats! :)

Blogger cathouse teri said...

You're so cute with your kitties. Yeah, that whole vet care world is pricey. As I was raising three children, I decided that taking pets to vets is not in my budget. Since I hardly had the money to take kids to the doctor! So, I figured if they didn't get well on their own... then they just gotta die.

I know it's harsh. I'm kind of an evil bitch.

(By the way, they always got well on their own. And never died.)

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I will be paying off the dental bill for my DACHSHUNDS for the next two years, literally. It was over $2000. I haven't been to the dentist myself in more than two years. I've had terrible problems with TMJ for more than 25 years but that's something that's very expensive to treat so I never have. Crazy!


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