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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quick Update!

Plans have changed!

There will now be five people on board, not three. The fish box is going to be turned into a cooler for drinks, the regular cooler will be used for food. And more drinks. Water is something you do not want to run out of. So I have:

12 Sam Adams Lights
12 cans of fizzy water (12 oz cans)
1 gallon of lemonade
6 cans of soda
1 sandwich

Everyone else is bringing their own stuff. So there will be more food and more beer and more water and more everything. This is why I need to use the fish box as a cooler. The primary cooler, which holds ice much better, is simply not going to be big enough.

Someone BETTER bring chips. I did not buy any. Someone better. I am testing everyone to see who comes through with the good stuff.

One of the people is bringing a tube that can be towed behind the boat. That ought to be fun.
In fact, it is a lot of fun.

There shall also be a bottle of Flor de Cana 12 year rum, and some manner of vodka. Got to be really careful with that stuff. REALLY careful. Ill not be partaking in that very much if at all. Ill be suggesting people limit their intake of the hard stuff. Things will be OK

I installed the Bimini top, so I can put that up for extra shade. The t-top is great for fishing and I really like it - but it does not provide for very much shade. With the t-top and the Bimini top Ill have a place to hide from the sun.

Pretty much everything is ready to go. I just need to get up (in about 4 1/2 - 5 hours - CURSE YE NOCTURNAL WAYS!!!!!), load the stuff I could not fit in a lockable compartment (assorted snorkeling gear and boat electronics), and go!

And stop for gas. I need gas. One tank reads 1/2 and the other reads 3/4. So I estimate I need around 15 - 18 gallons of gas to fill both tanks. Probably less. But Ill call my guess at 15 - 18 gallons. That was for the last two trips by the way. The boat I have is about as efficient as a boat can get without sails or oars.

It will be sheer madness out on the water. Madness I tell you! Miami is populated mostly by idiots. And since there is no license requirements for boating, anyone can get a boat and take it out. There will be a lot of people out who do not use their boat very much. There will be people who just bought a new or used boat out - people who have never used a boat before. Three day weekends are always crazy. Memorial Day marks the start of the summer season, so it is a big one.

Ill be out adding to the madness. Part of the madness. And Ill have a good time doing it.



Blogger Fuzz said...

Hope you have a good time.
Things are pretty quiet around here.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Well that sounds like a totally fun trip! Too bad you lost your threesome, though. Maybe a fivesome is more fun! *wink*

Hey, what's with the Sam Adams LIGHT?

Blogger doozie said...

I was going to ask the same thing Teri did, do you have a little belly developing?

I don't enjoy tubing. But I do enjoy doing everything possible to make the person on the tube crash

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I could use some sheer madness. Sounds like fun! My sheer madness would have to be on land, though. Curse you, motion sickness!


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