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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cat Training

For today I have..........


Except for the Scat Mat. I had to dig out the Scat Mat again. See someone gave me a couch when they were moving. It was a decent couch. A sectional couch. Sort of ugly, but who gives a crap about that! Each section had a place to put drinks! Really. There was a shelf like device along the back of the couch.

Anyhow long story here. But the short version is that for some reason the white long haired cat, Saki (Sake - however the hell it is spelled...I do not care anymore) decided that the couch was a good place to take a leak. Of course I cleaned it up as best I could. But the cat did this act more than once. So enter the SCAT MAT!!!

Whoever made this video disabled embedding. I do not know why. It is not that great. It is however funny. You get to see a stupid dog get ZAPPED!

Anyhow the Scat Mat is this device that delivers a harmless electric shock to anything that touches the mat. It feels like a static electricity discharge you get from touching your car door or whatever. Not harmful, but annoying as all hell.

I got the mat to save the couch. It worked. The pissing cat DID get the message. I was amused watching the cat discover the mat. The cat was terrified of the couch for a while. But I stopped using the mat and the cat was not terrified of the couch anymore and it got used a few more times for purposes OTHER than what you are supposed to use a couch for.

So with much regret it HAD to go. To the dump. It was very sad. I liked that couch. But the couch critic cat obviously did not like it.

Anyhow there was some other couch on sale and so now that is here. A microfiber couch! Nifty. It is sprayed with some kind of "Scotch Guard" crap that is supposed to repel liquids. Like cat pee.

It also has a 7 year warranty against stains. SUCKERS! 7 year warranty huh? And I did ask - it DOES cover cat related stains and odors. So I can always get a new couch if need be.

BUT I do not want to do this. Returning the couch and fighting with the couch people to honor the warranty is probably going to be a pain in the ass. They will say "we are out of those couches, but we can give you store credit on this much more expensive couch!". Yea....lets just do that! Ill take your $8,000 Corinthian Leather couch. Why did I not just buy this in the first place?? In fact, give me 4! And one for the bathroom, so I have a decent thing to rest my feet on while I take a shit!

So anyhow - I dug out the Scat Mat. Put in a new 9v battery and everything. Then I unrolled it on the new couch and set it to "high".


Skipper was the first to discover the mat. I felt bad about this. He did not deserve the high setting. But you should have seen him jump! It was amusing.

So I set the mat to "medium". I plan to use it for a while. Long enough for anything with more than two legs to get zapped enough times to be terrified of the couch.

I HIGHLY recommend the Scat Mat to anyone who is having issues with critters jumping on things you want to keep critter free.



Blogger Cheesemeister said...

My furniture is too trashed for me to care!
The one thing that made me mad is when one of my dogs pissed on my mattress. I always sleep on the couch, though, so I guess I really don't care. I'm too tired to care.
I do have to change out the cat litter box. Damn...will payday ever come?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

The Scat Mat works great. Cats only need to discover it once. Dogs are dumber and so they take longer to learn.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Puddin' hid in the house overnite. He barfed up a big disgusting hair-ball on the computer seat. Unfortunately in my predawn innocence, I sat on it.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - I have stepped in countless cold, wet, disgusting, slippery piles of horked up hairball.

It is awful.


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