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Sunday, June 22, 2008

This And That

What is going on with the tomatoes?

First they were ALL bad. Then Florida tomatoes were OK but other tomatoes were bad. GREAT! So I can still eat this tomato because it is a FL variety. And look! The supermarket is still selling them, with a big sign saying "Florida Tomatoes". So they must be OK!!

And now Florida and Mexican tomatoes are suspect. WHAT?!?!?! You already said FL stuff was OK!! And now you change your mind???

Oh yea, I did have a bout of the squirts. Liquid poo. A rumble down under. Nothing too bad. Kind of like some sort of mild food poisoning that lasted for a full symphony, as opposed to only one movement.

THANKS FDA!!! You guys are really on the ball here! Getting the word out to the public SOOOO FAST! And never changing your mind AFTER we eat something you say is safe.

I hope the director of the FDA, everyone in the Executive Branch, and EVERYONE who voted to cut the FDA budget gets the same squirts I had times 10,000. The super squirts. Squirts that would make you wish you had just drank some tap water in Mexico City. The "oh no its leaking down my leg and pooling in my shoes" squirts. You deserve nothing less.


The free weather class thing was cool. It was shorter this year than last year. No lunch break. But we were done by 1 PM where as normally it is at least 3 - 3:30 PM when it is over. As expected, I did forget a few things. But now I remember again. I think.

The Skywarn volunteer spotter program is nation wide. And free. There is no cost to you. Well there is a cost to you, but you already paid it. With taxes. So might as well get your moneys worth.

Towards the bottom of the page there is a heading "how can I get involved". At the and of the paragraph there is another link. Click that then pick your state then pick the red dot closest to you. Send an email asking when the next Skywarn class is. Go to it. It lasts only a few hours. Then you get the magic hotline directly to your local weather office. If you see something you report it. Thats about all there is to it.


No boring technical boat crap today - for today is a day of rest. For some. For others the day of rest was yesterday. And for some others the day of rest if their next day off - which is on a weekday because they are shift workers at at place that never really closes. So sometimes you have to work on a weekend. But you get Tuesday off! And you get paid more on Sunday.

Anyhow - it is a day of rest so no boring boat stuff nobody except me really cares about.


I think that is it. Out of material. Stay tuned for a very long overdue IGUANA MOVIE REVIEW which will probably be tomorrow. Or the next day. Or whenever. If I do not forget.



Blogger doozie said...

Don't know what to Sayies!!

yes, what IS going on with tomatoes, I completely missed that one. As if they weren't expensive enough, now we have to buy special ones. thats it...i'm going to grow my own

Blogger TLP said...

We really should all grow our own tomatoes. It isn't difficult, and they taste so much better when you pick them ripe.

But, did I plant even one tomato plant? Of course not!

Blogger doozie said...

It's never too late to plant a tomato. They are just the friendliest things

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I was going to grow my own tomatoes. But then I got confused and planted something else by mistake, which caused the cops to raid the place.

The judge said I can not grow anything else. It is a condition of my probation.


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