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Monday, June 23, 2008


It seems that election season is going to be VERY interesting!!!

Pretty nifty huh? I am going to vote for that guy.

I have grown to really like the scheduled post thing. I can write a post whenever, and specify the time and date it will show up.

I did not think this would be such a big deal when Blogger announced it. But I was slightly mistaken. It is pretty cool.

Anyhow I posted something about the squirts and tomatoes yesterday. Some Sunday topic huh? The squirts. And tomatoes.

And then I remembered! I did plant some produce. A few years ago I planted a coconut tree. Now coconut trees are the ULTIMATE tree for the lazy. You do not need to dig a hole! Digging a hole sucks. Trust me. It sucks.

I just took a coconut and threw it in the backyard. It landed somewhere. And there it grew. Sometime this year Ill get my first coconut harvest!!!

But I do not really like coconuts that much. I mean they are OK. Not great or anything. OK. Ill make some killer ass pina coladas however. Those will be good.

And then there is the pineapple. I got one. A whole one. I actually like pineapples. Good stuff there. I cut off the green stuff growing on the top of the pineapple. Ill plant it tomorrow. Or the next day. Or sometime before it dies. Ill get a new pineapple out of it. In theory.

It may take some time. And Ill have to dig a hole. A small hole but still a hole. That will suck. But the potential reward will be worth it.

You can tell the dog days of summer are here. It is just too darn warm to think up any funny stuff. I try, but then I just give up. Too hot to think.



Blogger Dusty said...

I am sad. George Carlin has died. :(

Blogger TLP said...

WTF? I hear the news of George Carlin's (a God if ever there was one) death on your blog????

You know when they ask, "where were you when you got the news of George Carlin's death," I'll think of you and this blog.

Blogger M@ said...

You can't smoke coconut.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Dusty - I still have not heard the news on the TV. Of course I have not watched any "news" outlets. I do not need to. There is your blog!

TLP - I heard about it on Dusty's "left wing nutjob" blog. I get a lot of news from there. I would have posted about it myself but I did not know about it till AFTER I wrote this.

M@ - How do you know? Have you ever tried to smoke a coconut? Ill bet the first cave man who tried to smoke the chronic was laughed at. And then everyone else in the cave wondered why Grog was the only one laughing. By the way, you seem to know about these things. Is the whole "banana peel" thing true?

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I wish I could plant a coconut tree!
I bet George Carlin would have found something amusingly curmudgeon-like to say about this. He was one of my favorites.


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