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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movie Reviews!!

MOVIE REVIEW!! Yes, movie review. I have really been neglecting my Netflix list. But it is updated now. If I remember to do it.

For the next three selections, I have a thriller / horror theme going on. I do not expect any of these movies to be "great" or anything. They will just fill in some time. Thats all.

Anyhow - the three movies I sent in yesterday were The Golden Compass, Pink Flamingos, and Fritz The Cat. So Ill start with......

THE GOLDEN COMPASS. This movie got a lot of press for being "anti Christian". I did not see this however. It WAS very critical of the Church as an organization. But "the church" is NOT a religion. Over the years, the church (Catholic Church) has twisted and distorted the religion in order to hold onto its own power. The doctrine of papal infallibility is still on the books there. Oh really? Give a man a fancy hat and suddenly he can not make any mistakes?? What if I get a fancy hat? Will everything I say be true?

Or will I continue to be human, and make mistakes.

Anyhow - as far as a movie went it was pretty good. 4 tail whips. It was entertaining. It had a good story line. The ice bears were bad ass. It was a perfectly good fantasy adventure story. I await part 2, whenever that comes out.

PINK FLAMINGOS - This is something else. Almost an experience that defis description. It is a John Waters cult classic. BE WARNED! Not for the faint of heart. There are some pretty disgusting scenes in it. The movie was made to shock people. In the 1970s. There is nudity - male and female. Chickens are killed in a way not many chickens die in. Dog poop is eaten. Really. It is. The acting is terrible.

But it accomplishes what it set out to accomplish. You will be shocked. And probably disgusted.

This movie is beyond tail whips. So no rating for it.

FRITZ THE CAT. This one is a cartoon. With nudity. This cartoon managed to get an X rating back in 1972 or 1974 when it was released. But back then X did not mean what it means today. In the movie Fritz The Cat explores the strange decade that was the 70s. Free love, free drugs, getting harassed by the police, getting hooked up with an anarchist group that wants to blow shit up, starting a riot, you name it.

For its time Fritz The Cat was probably a decent social commentary. But it has lost its relevance over time. Three tail whips.

And there we go! Three more reviews. And I get three more movies today. When the mail arrives.



Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I love Fritz the Cat!
But to be honest, I like the Freak Brothers just a little better.


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