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Friday, June 27, 2008

Comment Drop Off

I have noticed a trend. The comment drop off trend.

Hey no big deal. Really. There is not really anything exciting going on here.

And for the summer, nothing exciting is good. Really. Because if something IS going on chances are it is a hurricane.

So nothing is good! Remember what Gary Gnu said! No gnews is good gnews! By the way, this is the only blog guaranteed to contain no gnews whatsoever.

Hope you did not mind that little Great Space Coaster reference there. If you do not know who Gary Gnu is you are either too old or too young. I do not know how long the show was on the TV. But you can tell by the lack of butterfly collars and shit that the show is not from the 70s. Think early to mid 80s here.

Now think about why you have not been leaving comments. And then comment on why you have not been leaving any comments.

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