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Monday, July 28, 2008

The 13% Problem

What the hell is wrong with people?

According to a poll taken in March of this year, 13% of respondents reported believing Obama is a Muslim.

USA Today did a similar poll in April and reported 10% of respondents believed Obama is a Muslim.

Based on what? Based on bullshit. Pure bullshit. See the Republicans have forgotten how to win in a fair election. So they have been resorting to making shit up.

This is how Bush won. In 2000 he lost the early primaries. McCain spanked the smirking chimp. And for good reason. McCain could form a sentence in proper English. McCain had a track record in the Senate. McCain served in the Military. And so on.

Bush came off as a stuttering idiot with no clue.

So how did Bush win? Simple. During the South Carolina primary the Bush campaign set out to smear McCain with lies. And they did. Well maybe not Bush directly, but forces loyal to him did. They spread all sorts of nasty internet rumors. McCain's wife was a drug addict. McCain was gay. The adopted daughter was really McCain's own illegitimate kid. And not just any illegitimate kid - but a BLACK illegitimate kid! And so on.

Google it yourself if you do not remember. The reports are still out there. It happened.

And it worked. McCain went from a lead in South Carolina to a loss. People believed the bullshit.

So in 2004 why not do the same thing again? Worked in 2000! This is why I think the "swift boat" thing was probably all untrue. Made up by forces loyal to Bush. Hey whatever it takes to keep the King on the throne!

So what is going on today? By now someone has sent you the same bullshit emails I got. Obama swore in on the Koran. Obama is a Muslim. Obama does not pledge allegiance to the flag. And so on.

All bullshit by the way. None of it is true. Forces still loyal to the neo-con movement just made it all up and spread it around.

And what "proof" do they provide? Obama's middle name! That proves he has to be Muslim! He will not wear a lapel pin! That proves he hates America.

I do not wear a lapel pin. I think the US Flag Code mentions that the flag should not be worn as jewelry. Does a lapel pin count as jewelry?

And if you want to use a part of someone's name as "proof" of who they are, lets talk about John Gacy. Shall we? Why not! Names are an issue now! So John McCain clearly has links to John Gacy - the serial killer who murdered something like 33 boys. Do you want a SERIAL KILLER as President? I don't!!!

Of course that is a crazy argument. Just because both men share the same first name means nothing. But I am not trying to make parts of a name an issue.

The forces making up bullshit are.

Obama is a SECRET MUSLIM! The Koran says it is OK to lie to infidels about your faith! So that proves Obama is a Muslim!!!

So the Koran says it is OK to lie to infidels. If this is the case how do we know McCain is not a Muslim? If he says he is not then he could be lying! How do we know Bush is not secretly a Muslim? How do we know Reagan was not secretly a Muslim? How do we know any past President was not secretly a Muslim?

I mean if saying you are not only proves you are, then we are ALL Muslim! If someone admits they are a Muslim then they clearly are - but if they say no then they are PLANTS! Muslims in disguise.

And who would make a better secret Muslim plant? McCain or Obama?

So once again, a totally stupid argument.

And then there is Fox "News". The "news" network that puts people on TV who like to say shit like this.

WOW! And this is from a "news" network? Barack Osama! OOPS did I say Osama? Because I did not mean to say Osama! That is crazy. What was I talking about again? Oh yea Barack Osama. Obama. Whatever. Same guy.

HIS MIDDLE NAME! There we go again. The fake Madrassa story. And on and on.

But is the bullshit working? I think so. There are the polls mentioned before. Of course I think that those 13% who reported Obama is a Muslim were ever going to vote for him anyway. The whole fake Muslim thing is just a good excuse and something they can spread.

It sounds better than "he is a nigger". Which is where the conversation goes most of the time if you take someone who claims Obama is a muslim and corner them with facts. Point out that even Cheney, who swore in all the Senators including Obama, says thay Obama swore in on the Bible and that is what you typically get.

I hope that for this election, people do not listen to bullshit. Vote based on facts. Vote based on ideas. Vote based on things like that.

Not based on some made up bullshit someone emails you. Or anything you hear on Fox "News".

Vote on more objective things. There is no need to stoop to making things up.

But making things up is how Republicans win. Ask McCain. He was smeared in 2000 by Bush. He has to remember.



Blogger Cheesemeister said...

What a bunch of Bushit!
Glad you got the email. I figured out what happened. I was hit by the new Bushification ray that they've been working on to dumb down the citizens of this country! Hell, I even had a craving for a Big Mac last night. It's always a sign of something sinister when that happens. Those things are a heart attack in a box!

Blogger Fuzz said...

You should never trust what you see on the internet. I mean, what makes us think this "Iguana" guy is telling the truth? But you should know that The Fuzz would never resort to BS. It is true that he does use photoshop sometimes, but not for deceitful purposes. His integrity is unquestioned!

Blogger M@ said...

So true, Iguana.

I read an article yesterday reviewing corruption during the Bush years and how soon we forget about Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist who's in jail right now. I read the article before getting off the train at Union Station on Capitol Hill and noted how "safe" I felt in the neighborhood and how much they'd cleaned up Washington....

It's ironic.

Blogger M@ said...

I think it's interesting how the chinese government refers to their propaganda as "propaganda." They are cognizant that folks realize media is propaganda but know that it works anyway.

As educated as I am, I allow that I'm as impressionable as the next man.

Blogger doozie said...

I believe that blood alone turns the wheels of history

Blogger Dusty said...

I hate McCain and his minions with the same fervor that I have for child molesters..

Blogger Econo-Girl said...

Whispering campaigns are George Bush's M.O. It's how he got to be Governor of Texas. It's how he beat McCain.


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