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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Island Life

I am here! On the island. In the Gulf Of Mexico. Well one side of the island is on the Gulf Of Mexico, the other is on San Carlos Bay.

But that is not important. Really. Geography is boring. Nobody gives a shit where places are. This is proven easily. Go out on the street and ask a random person what borders North Dakota. Or where Belgium is.

If the person you ask does not know, then chances are you are somewhere in the USA.

So getting back to Sanibel, here is another map.

So now you know where the island is. Just take a map of Florida. Now look for TAMPA. It is in the west coast. Look for a big ass bay - can't miss the place. Now that you have found Tampa trace your finger SOUTH for an inch or two depending on the size of the map. You are looking for a smaller place called "Fort Myers". Sanibel is pretty much there.

If your finger gets to Naples you went too far. You flunk geography.

And now.....for the list of shit I forgot!!!!

1. The camera. I remembered the camera battery charger however.

2. My shoes. All I have are a pair of Crocs.

I may have also forgot other things. Who knows. The vacation is really just starting.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

I actually enjoy geography although like math (which I don't enjoy) I'm not very good at it because my memory is terrible!
My boring ass blog misses you but is glad you're having a good time.

Blogger doozie said...

I believe US Americans don't know where things are because such that the people in Africa are uneducated and the people in Iraq are such that they need better schools, and I believe that if US americans had better maps they would such that, become better americans


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