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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Real Work VS Bullshit

I have a few things to do before I am ready to trek across Florida on my way to the Gulf Coast. Which is really only a 2 - 3 hour drive. No biggie. I hardly even notice the drive. I have satellite radio. It is so worth it.

Anyway one of those things is watching a movie so I can send it back to Netflix to get more movies which I can take with me.

The three I have now are Cloverfield, The Kingdom, and Flyboys. Cloverfield - GODZILLA RIP OFF! A horrible monster emerges from the sea, and wipes out New York City. Sound like a familiar plot? Geez. At least TRY to make it different. The movie makers even admitted to ripping off Godzilla using the excuse "Japan has all these great monster movies, and the USA does not except for King Kong".

Well let me break it down for you movie making IDIOTS! Godzilla is a classic. Why? Well lets see here. Japan was NUKED twice in WWII. Then AFTER the war was over Godzilla was made. In the movie an innocent marine iguana was hanging out sunning itself when there is a nuclear blast. The fallout transforms it into Godzilla, who then ravages Tokyo. In the movie credits, the year the movie was made is given as some year of the emperor of Japan - whose power was diminished by occupying US forces.

So the movie was NOT just some bad monster movie with a guy in a Godzilla costume knocking over cardboard buildings. It was an allegory to what actually happened to Japan. The fallout continued to kill long after the war was over. This is why the movie is so great - even if the acting and effects are horrible. Because it is NOT just "a monster movie".

And King Kong? Well lets see here. You have this unspoiled jungle on an island inhabited by "primitive" people. People so primitive they managed to build a wall that could contain this giant gorilla. Then some western explorers "discover" the island (that already had people on it) and just help themselves to whatever they find there - to exploit it for fun and profit. Then the giant gorilla gets loose (the primitives can build a fence to contain Kong but Kong has no problem getting away from the more advanced people) and runs wild in New York City.

So again - not just a "monster movie" - but an allegory for.....oh I don't know....COLONIZATION maybe? Think so??

So get over it Cloverfield people. You did not make a Godzilla or even a King Kong. You DID make just a monster movie. Cool effects! But no classic. 3 tail whips only because I happen to like monster movies. And the monster was cool looking.

Flyboys was based on an actual WWI fighter plane squadron made up of volunteer Americans fighting in France. The "flyboys" all enlisted with the French BEFORE America declared war. The French trained them to fly, gave them planes, and sent them off to be the first fighter pilots. Good movie. I do not know how based in truth the movie is, other than the fact that there was a squad of pilots made up of volunteer Americans. I went with 4 tail whips.

I have yet to watch The Kingdom. Ill do that later. After I post this. By the way, I am using the "write now post later" feature. So by the time this post is posted the movie will be at least 1/2 over.

So what else do I have to do? Clean the boat. See some sort of roof work had to be done. So this crew comes over and starts to rip everything off the roof, exposing the plywood. Now what does this have to do with the boat? Well the roof where the boat lives is a gravel roof. Great for hurricanes. Really. A gravel roof is probably the best for hurricanes. See the wind gets under roof tiles and shingles and rips them right off, which can then allow leaks. Gravel roofs fare better. Sure everything downwind gets gravel blasted - but after it is all over just put more gravel up there and you are usually OK.

But when you mess with the roof it gets really dusty and dirty.

Of course there is a good part here. The good part is I can clean the boat in less than 30 minutes. Actually A LOT less than 30 minutes. Really all I need to do is squirt it down and let all the dirt and dust run off. No need to use any soap or anything, although if I do that will not take long either.

So I would much rather have to clean the boat than to do the roof work!

I have said this before and Ill say it again - roofing is REAL WORK. All other "work" is bullshit. If you wear a suit to work you are NOT "working". You are loafing.

Roofers NEVER wear a business suit to work. And they do more work in a day than a lot of people do in a year. And in South Florida - in the summer - it is work! You will get tired just watching.

Now imagine you have to haul the heavy ass bags of gravel up to the rooftop. Bag after bag. I do not know how many but it is a lot.

El Passo!!

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Blogger M@ said...

Now I feel better about sitting in an air-conditioned office...

Blogger doozie said...

I tried to watch The Bank Job last night and it was torture. Pure boredom over took me and I axed it.

The Bucket list is good

Blogger doozie said...

PS, i think you could probably fashion a catapult to get those bags launched up there

Blogger Fuzz said...

Roofing is WORK. I hired a guy to help me with one once. It turned out he had fallen off a roof once and had a phobia about carring shingles up a ladder. I had to do all that myself. I still don't know if he was shitting me.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I like monster movies too but you are right about Godzilla and King Kong being more than just monster movies.
I remember watching the 1997 (?) Gozilla remake and feeling bad at the end when they took Godzilla out.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

BTW, doing roofing would kill me! I stupidly went out to walk the dogs yesterday while it was still around 90 degrees out. Ended up feeling sick as hell with my heart hammering away and my blood pressure rising. (I have a blood pressure cuff, so I know this for a fact.) If I do this again I'll need to put a wet towel over my head--literally. I can't deal with the heat.


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