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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still Around

I am still here! And still on vacation.

I got 4 rods rigged with circle hooks and stuff. You have to use circle hooks now or else the water police will club you. Three rods are rigged with fluorocarbon leaders. This is some sort of high tech fishing line that is supposed to be "invisible" under water. One rod has a wire leader.

So will my nifty fishing line knots hold?? We shall find out!

Really REALLY early I am going off to harass some fish. I do not know if I will catch anything. Probably not. I usually do not catch squat. But who knows! I may get some keeper grouper. Or something. Snapper possibly? They are out on the reefs.

My fishing track record is less than great. I usually do not catch anything. Chances are the fish are safe.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

On vacation...
As I sit here at work those words inspire thoughts of homicide!
Just kidding. Glad you're enjoying yourself.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Is that Fluorocarbon stuff what eats the Ozone ?


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