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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quick Update

Quick update time!

I also forgot the chart of the area. Good thing the boat GPS has a chart, otherwise I would have to navigate by using the force.

The force is not always strong with me. Navigation by using the force usually ends up as a dredge operation. Making my own channel!! YEA!!

Just hope the bottom is soft mud if you create your own channel.

Lets see what else is going on. NOTHING! And that is good. Did you know there are no traffic lights on the island? Well now you do. No traffic lights. There is a single 4 way stop sign. Thats about it. And that is good.

Normally I do not like being someplace with no traffic lights. Of course most of the time when I am somewhere without traffic lights I am in The Sticks. In Mississippi or Alabama or somewhere. With nothing to do. Everything closes at 7 PM. No drinking on Sunday or else God gets pissed. So you have to buy all your beer Saturday and somehow God is fooled.

Blue Laws are retarded. Really. People still get hammered, they just have to buy their booze one day in advance. And they can say smugly "WE do not buy that stuff on Sunday here!".

Blow me. I do not want to hear that crap. You know what I have to say to the "we do not buy that stuff on Sunday" line?

In Miami WE do not marry our cousins. So there. In Miami WE have these things called "dentists" and more people with full sets of teeth. TAKE THAT!!!

But really - Sanibel does not need traffic lights. And yea things do close early. By 10 PM there is no place to get food, other than the 7-11. The last bar shuts down at 1 AM. EARLY!! But that is OK.

So far things are good.



Blogger Fuzz said...

We used to have to drive out of the county for a beer. Of course there was always the bootlegger.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Blue laws are stupid because people can go to a bar and get hammered on a Sunday, they just can't buy the stuff in a store. At least that's the way it is here. Also, someone could just stock up on Saturday to be prepared for Sunday. But that doesn't seem to matter. Just so long as you can't go to liquor stores on Sunday. WTF???


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