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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ops Normal

Operations are normal. Again. The visitors are gone. They left Saturday afternoon. They will have a long drive home.

Anyhow it was fun. I had a good time driving people around. I actually found a place to park on Ocean Drive twice. It was amazing. That never happens.

And you have to take people from out of town to Ocean Drive / South Beach. They did not want to do the club thing, just hang on the beach. Fine by me really. I could let them hang on the beach in the sun while I found a bar where there is shade.

So it all worked out.

And in other news, the posting schedule will resume somewhat normal operations. Whatever that means. My schedule has been somewhat erratic as of late. I guess there is nothing exciting to report on and I can not think of anything funny.

Summer tends to do this. The heat saps everything.

This brings up a bitching point. People that complain about the heat in South Florida in the summer. Yes, it is hot. No shit! Really? I thought it was a ski resort!

And please do not complain about the bugs. Yes there are bugs. We all know it. They are biting me too. Except I have enough brain cells to put on insect repellent. Its called "Off". Use it. Quit complaining.

Ill comment that it is hot. Ill say crap like "I am going in the shade" and stuff, but that is not a complaint. It is more like informing others what I intend to do. Hey Ill be over there, for I am not an idiot.

Ill also jump in the water whenever possible. This helps beat the heat.

But there is no point in complaining. It is like complaining that shit stinks, or that dogs bark, or that water is wet. And it is annoying to others.

And another thing is sneaking up. It seems that I leave for the Florida gulf coast on Friday. That will be nice. I like going there. I do not know how long Ill be able to stay this year. It depends on a few factors that are as of yet not totally resolved. But things are looking OK. So far.


Blogger doozie said...

yes, I also hate when people make redundant comments in passing like "hot enough fer ya?"

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea. Makes you want to take a red hot ice pick, cram it into their eye socket, and then ask them if it is hot enough!


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