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Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Another Day

I had to buy a brand new laptop power adapter today.

But the adventure really begins before I had to buy the new power adapter. It was sometime in the morning. And me having not a whole lot to do who knows what time it was.

Anyhow I was hanging out on my bed, watching TV. Fred the orange cat was in here bugging the shit out of me to feed his fat ass or something. Fred likes to be fed. But I did not feel like getting up just then. So I reach for the computer which is plugged into the wall. I keep the laptop plugged in far more than it is on battery power.

Anyhow Fred likes to chew on things when he is being nice and purring and trying to get me to feed him. So what did he choose to chew on?

The power cord. And NOT the AC side of the cord, but the DC side that goes to the computer.

And the computer screen goes BLACK. It would not turn back on.

OH FUCKING HELL! Right now is a really bad time to have to get another computer. Really. Later will be a better time for that. But the laptop would not turn on.

Meanwhile Fred has jumped up on the bed and plopped down next to me. I think he knew I would not stab him there because I would get cat blood all over the sheets.

But I got the computer to work again. I removed the battery then put it back. For some reason whatever was causing the thing to not turn on was resolved. It turned on.

Of course this presented a new problem. How was I going to charge the battery once it ran out?

As for the adapter, that I could not fix. There is a green LED indicator that lights up when you plug it in. The light is dark. I think that when Fred bit the cord he shorted two wires on the DC side. The short caused some sort of internal fuse to blow.

The Dell website wants something like $70 for a new adapter. And then it would not have shipped till Monday. And who knows how long it would take to get there.

So I trudge off to Best Buy. I figure I can find something there.

And I did. For $109 plus tax. One fucking hundred nine of my FAVORITE DOLLARS!

Well Fred, there is your vet health exam for this year. If you get rabies it is your problem.



Blogger The Doozie said...

Fred needs to pay. Animals that chew through important cords are the devil.

However, when I ruined power cords, it was usually due to my own buffoonery. Tripping over it etc....I went through 2 of those with my first mac. Then just to satiate my trials, they invented a power cord that is magnetic.....

when I trip over it, it just pulls away gently. But then again that is not what you were talking about. You are not clumsy, you just have a satan cat

Blogger Fuzz said...

I think I'd have waited for the $70 job.

Blogger M@ said...

You gotta be shitting me.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - I like the Mac magnetic power cord thing. Pretty sweet. Fred is usually good. But when he wants food he chews things up and knocks things over. He will push all the cat food dishes on the floor one at a time.

Fuzz - I needed one before that. Plus the Dell adapters suck. I never liked the one that came with the computer. The one I bought will work with any computer that is not a Mac. So I can always sell it later if I have to.

m@ - nope! Never. Who makes shit up on the internet?


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