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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You Have A Better Bear Story That Is True??

My great bear story only got three comments.

Imagine that. Had I made up a bear story it would have sucked - but it would have probably generated dozens of comments.

But the REAL bear story gets three comments.

So lets hear YOUR real bear story! Is it as good? Does it involve hippies and Russians and federal agents, a funky green substance, and food from a dumpster - but NOBODY gets arrested, mauled, drunk on vodka (although I suspect the Russian bear handler guys may have been dipping into the Stoli), sick, poisoned, or end up dead?

Probably not. NO bear story contains all these elements. Except mine.

And that is how you know it is true. Nobody would make that up. Nobody could make that up. Not even me.

It really is true. As amazing as that might seem.

There is also a tiger story. But I was not hanging out at the crazy place when the tigers were there. Too bad, I would have really liked that.


Blogger M@ said...

A mixed belssing.... A bear once chased me through the woods. I cringed, expecting to be killed. But he gave me a ticket.

Blogger doozie said...

Oh matt is so funny...

I liked your bear story!

I don't really have any bear stories, which is kind of a shocker.

Once when we were tent camping at Lake Shasta in CA, some bears were rummaging through our stuff in the middle of the night.

Other than that, all I have are big foot stories

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I once saw a black bear on the side of a hill in Waterton Park. I took a picture of it. I stayed quite near the car. I'm neither outdoorsy enough or stupid enough to try my luck at getting a really good bear picture.
I found a story about a tiger that raised a litter of piglets. The interesting thing is that said tiger was actually raised by a pig. True story! It was at a zoo in Thailand.


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