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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Working For A Clown

Get a load of this.

Are these people serious? Apparently they must be. And why not. They stand to make a few bucks. I would be on a lame ass TV show for a few bucks too.

But really - imagine having a boss named "Diddy". I would have to laugh. I could not take anyone who wanted me to call them "Diddy" (not his real name by the way) seriously. It would be like working for Bozo T. Clown.

But the boss wanted you to call him "Mr. Clown". And if you were employee of the month, the boss makes you a balloon animal of your choice.

I would choose a giant squid, just to see if the boss could make a giant squid balloon animal. And if he could I would be impressed.

But it gets better! Your boss wants you to call him "Diddy" AND your boss also walks around wearing one of those microphone head set things.

At this point I would be laughing so hard I may wet my pants.

I think Diddy really needs a secretary. You know, someone to answer his phone for him and say "sorry, but Diddy is away from his desk. I would be happy to take a message".

And then there is the "this is what is like in the heat of battle" comment.

What the hell could that be? Someone hooked the DVD player up to the THX home theater incorrectly? Someone hot him confused for MC Hammer? The recording studio ran out of blank CDs?

This may very well turn out to be the worst TV show ever. Which would be an accomplishment, as there have been some really terrible TV shows.

But I would still be on it. For the money. I doubt I would last too long on it as I would have a hard time taking it all seriously.

Unless the money was really good. For enough money I can take anything seriously.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

I just have to wonder what possessed Diddy, AKA P Diddy, to think that P Diddy was a cool thing to call yourself. It sounds like something a three year old says when they have to go to the bathroom. "I need to go P Diddy, Mommy!"


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