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Friday, August 08, 2008

Send In The Clowns!

Wow! A whole lot has transpired.

I like to use the word "transpire" every so often. Even if the word does not really fit into the sentence. After 8 years of President Bush II, proper grammar does not count anymore. You can even make up words whenever you want. For example:

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

QUICK! Is this a nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll or a Bush speech??

Hard to tell huh? Thus proving my transpired point. I think that "mimsy" should be promoted to a real word however. It sounds funny.

And I want a pound of whatever Mr. Carroll was smoking when he wrote those words. And my deepest apologies to the ghost of Lewis Carroll for linking him to Bush. SORRY GHOST DUDE!!

Now what I really wanted to talk about was a different kind of retarded. And what kind of retarded might that me???

Insane banter.

Someone asked Obama what they could do to reduce America's demand for oil.

Well lets see here. What can I do? Really! What sort of simple thing can I do right now?

Can I go build an offshore oil platform? NOPE! I am not that good of a welder. Can I drill in my backyard? Tried that. I used the longest drill bit I could get and all I could find was limestone. Can I build a nuclear power plant? I tried that - Homeland Security was not amused. Those guys really over reacted when I tried to buy refined uranium from an undercover agent. Can I build a wind generator? Tried that - the County would not approve my zoning variance for a 200 foot tower with three spinning 80 foot blades.

So really!!! What can regular people do?

So Obama answered with a very simple and practical thing anyone can do to. Check the air pressure in your tires and maybe get a tune up. Pretty simple. Something anyone can do.

And what happens? The right goes ape shit. McCain starts making tire pressure gauges with "Obama's Energy Plan" written on them. The talking heads on the right spout off that all Obama has for an energy plan is air. It is a big joke for them.

But the question was not "how will you solve the energy problem" the question was more like "what can I do".

But that does not stop right wing drug addicted radio hosts from saying that Obama thinks over inflating car tires will solve all the problems.

By the way Rush - nobody ever said that. Over inflation is not good. Tires wear down faster and are more prone to road damage. Get the shit out of your head before you speak.

And nobody ever said that tire pressure is the end all solution to everything. The right is just trying to make it seem that way. But when asked what simple things regular folks can do, guess what? Putting air into a tire is pretty easy! And if your tire is even 10% under inflated you are using up more gas. And you can not tell if you are 10% under inflated just by looking. Hell by the time the tire looks "low" you are probably close to 50% under inflated.

Are people really buying into this crap? Apparently they are. I guess a lot of people are just stupid.

The TV people are also talking about a Carter speech, where he was wearing a sweater and telling people they could turn down the thermostats a few degrees to save energy.

And at the time the right laughed at that too. But guess what? Unless you live in Florida - if you turn the thermostat down in the winter do DO use less energy. And I am sure that a lot of Americans who had to buy heating oil were doing just that. But it was laughed at.

"Thats not a plan" they said. And they are saying it now.

You are right you idiot. It is not a "plan". It is simply one thing people CAN do to save a few bucks and reduce energy demand. Because very few people can build their own hydroelectric plant. Very few people can have a personal home nuclear power plant. No one can just build their own personal offshore platform.

So what CAN people do? If you listen to the right - apparently nothing. Every measure you take on your own is a waste of time and just silly.

I would not be surprised if McCain supporters are actually letting air out of their tires, just to prove some sort of point.

You know, having a debate over issues and what the nation can do (or not do) about it is one thing.

But taking a statement based in FACT and common sense then trying to make it seem like it is the ONLY part of a comprehensive, complex plan is insane.

And frankly, it is insulting. I am not that stupid. Pandering to the stupid is not a very good way to try to get my support.


Blogger Lilacspecs said...

The scary thing is how many stupid people vote.

Blogger Yippeeskip said...

Loved the Jabberwocky reference! We had to write it when we were bad in school and received jabberwocky dollars when we did good to reedeem for prizes.

I named a pet rat Jabberwocky.

Good times, good times.

Blogger Daisy said...

I completely agree. Doing something, even if it is just a small simple thing like properly inflating your tires, is better than doing nothing. Or drilling all over the place.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Any one can be made to sound stupid if that's the goal. It's a pity our politics has sunk to this level. But I suspect that's always been the case. Now they're tripping over each other trying to "give" us money to "stimulate" the economy. It's all BS, don't expect too much here.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lila - Yes, stupid people are a bane to society.

Yippie - I am a fan of all things Jabberwocky. I even have the movie!!

Daisy - The whole thing was over blown.

Fuzz - to be honest, I am keeping my expectations low.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I'm voting for the Jabberwock.

One decent thing about my overpriced mobile home is that I can actually keep the thermostat at 65-70 and the place stays decently warm in the winter. I lived in one crappy apartment about 15 years ago where the heating bills were always really high because it was impossible to stay warm in that place. And then in the summer the centipedes got in. Of course that just happened to coincide with the time that my marriage was falling apart and I couldn't stand to sleep in the same bed with my ex husband. We were so broke that we didn't have much furniture so we didn't have a couch. I slept on a pad on the living room floor so as not to be near the dude. I wonder if anything screams "YOUR MARRIAGE IS OVER!" louder than the fact that a person who loathes insects would rather risk getting crawled on by a centipede than sleep in the same bed with their spouse.

Blogger The Doozie said...

For starters we can take away all the government issued suburbans and make them drive geo metros. Why oh why do they need these huge vehicles?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lily - I love the winter. I open the windows and enjoy the cool breeze. Then the cats DESTROY the window screens and I get all pissed off and then I can not enjoy the breeze anymore. But really - I put a box fan in the window frame, then block the space with cardboard. Some fans blow air in, some blow air out. It all works out very nice. And gets a lot of dust / cat hair out.

Doozie - I think Air Force 1 can be a single engine Cessna. For overseas trips then I could see a Gulfstream jet. But an entire 747?!?!?! COME ON!!!


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