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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It is official. The first REAL cold front of the season is here. In South FL. Right now my bedroom window is wide open - and the AC is OFF!! There is a good deal of cool air pouring in the window now.

And it is wonderful.

I drank my Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale. I was waiting for the first cold front of the year so that I could properly enjoy such a heavy beer.

While driving to the drink the beer hangout spot, the truck windows were down. The rear split window was open. And the heater was on full blast. I like this driving mode. It feels good.

Last week it was cool - or at least not hot. But it was all gray and ugly. Tuesday the sky was clear and blue - and it felt like the whole planet was air conditioned.

Since it is not even Halloween yet, I am VERY OPTIMISTIC about this winter. It is shaping up to be very nice.

For me. Maybe not for you. I am in South Florida. You may get buried in snow. But for me it will just be cool. Maybe even chilly.

Cold for my standards is below 50F / 10C. And currently it is 51F / 10.6C.

That is about all for here! The rest of this week is looking REALLY GOOD!!!! Nice and cool. Clear blue skies - and no heat. No bugs. It will be safe to venture into the everglades again.

Yes. This winter is looking very good.



Blogger Dusty said...

Winter? Winter is snow and sleet dude..

You and I get a long fall. ;p

Blogger Daisy said...

I hope we have lots more days like this in south FL!

Blogger Lily Strange said...

So far this fall has been unseasonably warm. To me that spells "drought."


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