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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Strange Goings On

I think that somehow "the woods" was magically transported into the general area where I live.

You see, when I went out to get the cats inside at 2 or 3 AM, I saw something very strange. Some sort of animal.

It did not look like a cat, unless it was one big cat. It had a longer body than a cat would have (unless it was an exotic or a savanna - which is a cross between a domestic cat and an exotic). It seemed to have slightly longer legs than a cat would have. It had a bushy tail, but it was slightly tapered at the end and unlike what most cat tails look like.

But I do not think it was a cat. It did not move like a cat. It trotted more like a dog would. Even when I saw it run, it did not have a typical cat running movement.

So maybe it was a deformed dog? Possible. But I do not think so. There were two of them you see. When I tried to walk over to get a closer look, the two split up. One jumped over a fence. I mean cleared it. There was no clinking sound at all.

I know dogs can jump, but they tend to be clumsier about it. It was not panting as dogs do. It is still warm here - even at night, so a dog running around would be panting.

So I do not think it was a dog. But from the distance I was at, it looked like it had a dog like snout.

As I watched the other animal trot away down the street, I could not help but to think of one animal that moves more like a dog, has the grace of a cat, has a bushy tail, and has the general body shape I was looking at.

A fox. But where would a group of fox hide? There is no woods close to here. Well there is a fairly large park about a mile to a mile and a half away from here that has some woods, and the woods area is used for some lame ass "Santa's Enchanted Forest" thing which people are starting to set up - so it is possible that fox live in that woods and were scared out of it from the activity - but how they would find their way to here is not clear.

The park closest to me is small, mostly open space, and has very few trees. I do not think it would make a very good fox home.

I could not get close enough to confirm the identity of the critter. So whatever it was, its identity will remain a secret.

But if I had to guess, based on what I observed, I would say that I saw a pair of fox.



Blogger The Doozie said...

you should probably have called 911 like most people.

Hello, I would like to report there is a coyote howling!!!

Yes ma'am, they tend to do that

Blogger Daisy said...

I hope your cats will stay away from it!

Blogger Lily Strange said...

We have foxes all over where I live. And coyotes in the big field though they don't come too close to the dwellings. One animal that will kick a cat or dog's ass is a raccoon. They can be really fiesty.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - I would not rat a fox out to the 911 dispatcher. The cops would come and arrest me for bring crazy.

Daisy - I hope the fox,or whatever it was, stays away from the cats.

Lily - I know that there are possum that are around here. A raccoon would be a surprise, but not really something I would expect to see here. This is what makes a fox so strange.

Blogger Dusty said...

Aw, poor foxes., :(

Their habitats are dwindling and they still try to survive..and people have the audacity to bitch about wild animals in their neighborhoods. Who lived there first damn it?

We have a family of kit foxes living at the local shopping mall. Or had...the landscapers killed them by cementing up their den with them in it. Fucking assholes.

Kit foxes are so small and not going to hurt cats or any other critters.why those fuckwits killed them is beyond me.


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