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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting Splashed

And sloshed.

I found a Columbus Day solution. I will have to contend with the Contender - which belongs to someone else.

This has MANY advantages! Probably the biggest advantage is that I do not have to put my boat in the water. This means I do not have to tow the boat to the ramp. This means I do not have to deal with the madness that will be at the boat ramps today. Already - there are a lot of boats anchored out at the party spot. Trailer parking spaces are already filling up. Some of the smaller marinas are already full, or close to full.

And that is not all! It also means I do not have to pull the boat out of the water (more marina madness), trailer home, wash the boat down, flush the engine out, and so on.

Oh yea - the fuel tanks in the boat will remain at the same level! This is always good. Sort of. Actually it is a conundrum. If the boat fuel tanks are full, it means I do not have to put more gas in. But if I do not need to put more gas in, it means I am not using the boat.

Anyhow a friend of mine has a new Contender 21 footer. They are also members of a private boat club that has a lift. The boat is at the club now. So they can put it in the water without dealing with the marina madness.

Once at the party spot, the Contender will tie up with some other boats and all will be good.

The only issue is that the Contender has no top. So there is no shade. Shade is good. Shade prevents skin cancer. But I was promised that the other boats will have shade. And maybe even AC. Nice.

I am going to bring extra sun screen. A lot of extra sunscreen. BECAUSE............

October is breast cancer awareness month. And on Columbus Day there are a lot of exposed boobs. Now these exposed boobs do not always see the sun, and so they are prone to nasty horrible sunburn.

So in the interest of breast cancer awareness month I am going to perform a public service by distributing free sunscreen to chicks who want to go topless. I will even apply it myself, so that I am sure that all areas are covered.

Because that is how I roll. I am all about the public service.



Blogger The Doozie said...

You are speaking in riddles...and it does me no good. either that or I am so tired I have slipped into a coma

Blogger who wouda thunk it?? said...

WOW! you are one dedicated humanitarian.

Blogger The Doozie said...

You should expand to Pubic service as well.

I wish these people would not get so wrapped up in Breast cancer they forget about skin cancer? Come on people!!

If you ever own a business where you employ people, I have a book you can read, it's called, "how to tell if your employee's are faking breast cancer"

I commented twice over here because your readership is dwindling and I feel bad for you, I too am all about public service

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Even though it isn't as common, men can get breast cancer too.
I think a lot of people's readerships are dwindling. I never had one worth a shit in the first place so I've decided not to worry about it. I have no idea how these people who get the 20 plus (and especially 100 plus) readerships get them.
This isn't to say that my readers aren't worth a shit, because they're the only people on the planet who are actually cool. Its to say the numbers of readers I have ain't shit.

Blogger Fuzz said...

It's nice that you can actually get gas there.

Blogger Dusty said...

Sweet jesus, I hope your boobies didn't get cancerous!!

lol...loved that part. on a friggin boat? Thats sacrilege!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - I am very mysterious that way.

Thunk - yes I am. I am all about breast skin cancer awareness.

Doozie - maybe I need more posts about Uncle Fester's Meth Recipe. I got a lot of hits out of that.

lily - its not about quantity, its all about quality.

Fuzz - the hurricane gas hysteria has not seemed to have effected this area at all.

Dusty - yes, AC in a boat. Why not? Boats can get hot too you know. You can get a small generator installed in boats about 25 - 28 feet and up. I like diesel generators better, you can get am 8kw that will only burn about a gallon or so per hour (or less depending on the load). You do not usually run the set all day, you kick it on a few hours before you go to sleep to cool things off.

My perfect boat would be in the 28 foot range, have a single diesel inboard engine with a small generator, AC, a fully enclosed bathroom, and a fresh water shower system with a heat exchanger hot water system. Perfect for weekending.


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