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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Humor

First - an item for CM!!!

A few weeks ago I drove my mom a few hours north to visit her friend who is in a physical rehab center / nursing home. The old lady had a hip replacement operation.

Anyhow while roaming the halls of the nursing home / physical rehab center - I passed by the recreation room. Decorated for Halloween.

With a BIG ASS Grim Reaper.

This struck me was funny, in a morbid sort of way. A grim reaper in a nursing home? Grim reaper decorations in a place were the average age of the residents is death minus a few weeks? Really??

Did nobody stop to think about this first??

Anyhow - it amused me for some reason. I think my brain is wired wrong.

I have decided on my costume. Since I am cheap I am going to make one. I just need a box and some spray paint. I am going to totally steal this idea.

Yea I know - not terribly original. But whatever. As if Frankenstein is original. Or as if the other lame ass costumes people put on are original. So I am going to rip off this idea.

And who knows - maybe even see some boobs.

Plus I already have the box. And a knife. So all I need is the spray paint. And the letters.

That is pretty much all for now.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

They did a similar thing at the nursing home where I used to work. Propped a skeleton up in the solarium for a Halloween decoration. Now granted, most of the people at that place were so out of it that they probably sat down and talked to it, but the ones that weren't completely out of it were probably a tad unnerved. Me, I've got such a morbid sense of humor that I'd probably laugh.
I couldn't reply to the more recent post--for some reason the comment link didn't come up. But my asshole cat Isis (aka the Pyro Kat) is the same way as Fred, only she's skinny because she goes outside and hunts voles. Try to move her off my pillow and she squawks and yowls. If one of the other cats comes near her, she growls and snarls. I'm always afraid that one of these times she'll lay my hand open, so I usually grab her by the scruff and move her.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I always think that the guy with the "Place Boobs Here" costume is just begging for someone like me to drop trou and stick my ass in their face! Of course with my luck, he'd probably like it.


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