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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Well - back to normal life.

The sun was out, it was a nice cool day, and there were only regular commercials on the TV. It was actually a really nice day here.

In addition to this Skipper The Cat has decided that he is not getting enough attention, or costing enough money. In response to this he became allergic to something. Maybe food, maybe fleas - who knows. But he is scratching the shit out of himself. There is a place on his neck where he scratched himself raw, He has scratched his ears, he licks himself a lot creating thin hair spots, his lips are puffy, and there is a spot on his chin that is scratched as well.

Great. He would have made a lousy alley cat. Good thing he ended up living here.

A lone flea was spotted on Fred. So it is possible the fleas are back. I use the anti-flea stuff, but once the fleas are gone I stop using it. I figure the fewer chemicals I use on the cats the better. Plus it saves a few bucks.

Anyhow Skipper has to see the vet today. He will get a shot that will make him stop scratching and licking himself. And I suppose that Ill get more of that once a month flea stuff. And Ill hope it is actually fleas he is allergic to.

So that will be fun. Skipper LOVES to go for car rides. He howls the whole way, in a very frantic fashion. Turning the stereo up is futile. He will only shut up if I stick my fingers through the door of the cat carrier. But then I have to drive down the road, one hand contorted so it is behind me with my fingers stuck in a cat cage door - leaving only one other hand for steering.

Making turns is fun. I have to use my knees.

Luckily for me, I have experience using my knees to steer. Do not ask why, that is another crazy story. But it really helps if you need to do something else while driving. Like for example, eat a cheeseburger. Or read a road map. Or look for something you lit on fire then dropped on the floorboard of the car. Or whatever.

Anchor Steam Brewery makes a darn good porter. Just throwing that out there. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company also makes a darn good porter. Ill have to get more of the Anchor Steam stuff and compare it head to head with the Sierra Nevada to determine which is better. It will be a close call.

I got a fishing spy report. Someone caught TWO dolphin. Dolphin! this time of year? I thought it was over for dolphin till next summer. Guess not! So I need to try to get out there so I can continue my streak of not catching anything.

When I go fishing, the fish are safe.

It is also getting VERY CLOSE to everglades season. But nobody wants to go to Shark Valley. It is only a 14 mile bike ride on pavement! That is not too bad. My lazy ass can do it. So what is their problem?

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Blogger Daisy said...

Poor Skipper! I hope he feels better soon.

Blogger TLP said...

You can't afford both a boat and a cat.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Skipper sounds like the psychic twin of my belated cat P.E.
P.E. always had flakes in his fur. He wasn't scratching and licking to the degree that Skipper is, but he was a very itchy cat. And oily. Fortunately he never had fleas. But he may have been bitten by a recluse spider towards the end of his life, which may actually have been what caused his endocrine system to fail. I hate recluse spiders! They're sneaky bastards. And if you've ever seen a picture of what their bite can do, causing the area around it to go necrotic. Gaaaaahhhh! That's one critter I can do without!


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