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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Well the boat show was pretty cool. I went to the "big ass boats" section of the show. And there were some BIG ASS BOATS!

There were some yachts for sale that would qualify as a cruise ship. Shit that was at least 150 - 200 feet in length. Boats that would need at least 18 feet of water JUST TO FLOAT!

The "small" boats were over 30 feet. At least in this section of the show. It was something else. I do not usually go to the big ass boats section.

Seeing as how I do not have a few million laying around collecting dust.

But I did get something. I am always discovering things the boat is missing. Like for example, this thing. It is the Cobra MR F300 BT. What is it? Glad you asked. It is a totally waterproof bluetooth enabled device. You pair it to your phone, and then you can send and receive phone calls without taking out your cell. So the cell phone remains safe and happy somewhere that is protected from the elements. Like for example the waterproof pelican box. When someone calls, I can use the microphone thing to answer it. And if it gets wet? No big deal.

Now this is cool. I guess. I tested it out and it works. Not too well in VOX mode but it works well if you use it like a microphone. Used like a radio mic, you can not talk and hear at the same time. But oh well.

The phone can now remain in the electronics box, safe and dry, connected to a cigarstte plug charger - and the bluetooth mic goes somewhere on the helm, waiting for a call.

And if I do not want to take a call - just turn the darn thing off. Or press the red phone botton and send it to voice mail.

I got a "boat show price" on the thing, which was about $30 off list price. Not bad.

I took a few photos at the show before the camera battery croaked - they will be up tomorrow.

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Blogger The Doozie said...

Do you make a lot of calls out there on the water?

Gizmo whore!!

Blogger M@ said...

Do you have to use short-wave protocol?


Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Yes, I too have a few million sitting around collecting dust, but I won't spend it because I want to see just how much dust it can collect in my lifetime!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - I make some calls. I miss even more because answering the phone is not something I want to do. Maybe I was swimming and my hands and hair is wet, and would get saltwater on the phone. Maybe my hands are covered in fish slime or gross cut bait mess. Maybe I just have to put the beer down to open the electronics box - but I do not want to. The gizmo solves all that.

m@ - only if I use the push to talk feature. If I use it as a speaker mic then no :)

CM - my pile is collecting more dust than yours. Because that pile is just my "leave in a big pile" money. Kind of like a yard gnome decoration. My spending millions is in another pile.


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