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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Skipper Update

I had a boring post about the stock market and shit written - but that is gone now.

In its place is a Skipper update.

When I last mentioned Skipper, he had to go to the vet because he was scratching himself up. So I did that. I suspected an allergy to something - most likely fleas.

The vet seems to agree. Fleas are a common cat allergy. And really, the fleas are pretty easy to get rid of.

So the vet gave Skipper a shot to stop the itching and excessive licking, chewing, and scratching that creates.

And then I got enough flea-be-gone for two months. That means 8 tubes of stuff, as there are 4 cats here. All the cats had to get the stuff. It is applied once a month and kills adult fleas in 12 - 24 hours. It also kills flea eggs.

No fleas, or evidence of fleas, were found on Skipper. But there was a flea sighting on Fred the fat orange cat.

Now if there ARE fleas and they are causing the problem - by now the goop has killed the adults. Any fleas that hatch will be killed after they bite a cat. Hopefully NOT skipper - they can bite one of the other cats.

The way this stuff works is really amazing. Ill use it for a few months - then stop. The theory being once the fleas are gone then you do not need to keep using it. And that works. Once out of the house and yard it takes a long time for the bugs to return.

But Skipper never takes things well. With the other cats it is easy. You put the stuff on their neck, where it can not be licked. Then be done with it.

Skipper figured out he could reach the back of his neck with one of his feet. Then he licked the foot. And then started to drool. And lick himself more. The first time he got into the goop I got all worried and called the vet and was told not to worry about it. So now I do not worry about it.

The shot will last for about 2 weeks. Two weeks of itch relief. Already he is starting to look better. Raw spots where he scratched himself to the point of removing skin are getting better. His mouth area is less puffy.

Hopefully in two weeks the fleas, if they are here, will be gone. And then things will be OK.

If things to not get better - well then it might not be fleas. And then the fun part begins. Trying to figure out what the hell else it could be.


Blogger Daisy said...

I hope Skipper stays better!

Blogger The Doozie said...

does that stuff work on people?

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I always joked that I had fleas because I seem to be chronically itchy. Fortunately that isn't true. I hope you get rid of the fleas soon. They're nasty little vampires.


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