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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


It seems I have won an award. I have no idea what I could possibly have done for it.

Truth be told, all I do is have a couple of shots of rum and then start typing. Only sometimes I do not feel like having any rum, and other times I find the rum bottle already empty.

But for whatever it is worth, here is the award. It is from Utah Savage.

Now this is not just an award you get, stuff in the sidebar, and forget about. OH NO! It is one of those awards you are supposed to pawn off on someone else. Just like you do with the flu when you work in an office.

Spread it.

In theory, if everyone spreads this award EVERYONE will get it. Which to be honest, I do not understand. What is the point in an award if everyone else gets it too?

But be that as it may, I am supposed to pick 15 other people to pass this off onto. Of course I am fairly lazy. And I do not read 15 blogs. And judging by my comments, 15 people do not read this blog anymore.

So I pick cheesemeister / Lily Strange and all the blogs she keeps track of. I think I can get all 15 awards pawned off in one shot that way. And if not - well at least I tried! Can't say I did not put any effort into this! You can say I put minimal effort into it. That would be fair.

Oh yea, if you want it you can have it too. Don't want to leave anyone out after all!

I got Photoshop to work with Vista. A friend of mine who uses Photoshop all the time said that it would not work. Maybe this was the case with earlier versions of Vista, but it installed just fine with the version I am running.

I did not try very hard with this creation, but here it is.

Proof photoshop does work in Vista. And also of Marvin The Martian's true identity. His real name is Marvin Ray-Gun.

Get it? Ray-Gun? I slay myself. Sit down comedy at its finest.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

Thank you for the award. As I too am lazy it may be a while till I get around to dispersing or spreading it, but I will find a home for it somewhere!

Blogger Utah Savage said...

I think I told everyone I gave the "Award" to is that rules are meant to be broken. I agree that an award is no award at all if EVERYBODY HAS TO GET IT!. But I am so chickenshit and goody goody that I'm afraid to break the rules lest the person who gave it to me (without the rule breaking disclaimer) would be offended if I only gave it to one person or said, "If you want it, it's yours." I have no idea where I got this good girl streak, as I break at least one law a day every day.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

The person I gave the award to has a lot of blogs - so I think I am covered even given the rules.


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