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Monday, May 04, 2009

Summer Is Here

Yes, summer has invaded.

Now I know what you must be thinking. How the hell can I tell when summer is here? It is not like I have indicators like 10 feet of snow and shit to tell me winter is here. The leaves never change colors - unless there is a severe drought. And by the time there is a hurricane somewhere - summer has been around for months.

So how do I know?

The simple answer is the fish finder tells me. It measures the water surface temperature.

But I do not always have advanced sonar technology with me. Or a thermometer. Such was the case last weekend. The vessel I took out lacks advanced electronics.

So I had to just jump in. The swimming area picked out is closed to the Waverunner - so I had to leave it tied up and hitch a ride on another boat. Once at the sandbar there was just one thing to do.

Test the water temperature by jumping in.

The water will get warmer. But as it is right now it is not exactly "cold". One can jump in and there is no shock to the system. No moment of clarity where one realizes "shit, this water is cold".

I no longer require the shorty wetsuit when riding the Waverunner.

I was able to just do what I always do when swimming. Toss a life ring attached to a rope overboard. Then you stick one leg through the hole in the life ring. The ring will keep you floating without you needing to expend any energy. The rope keeps the current from taking you too far away.

Safely floating and attached to the boat - the swimmer is now free to drift around while drinking beer.

By the way - beer cans that are not open float. I suppose with enough unopened beer cans one could construct a raft.

This summer I hereby pledge, before the Gods of the sea, that I will obtain and use one of these devices. So the cold beverages can float nearby.


Blogger Utah Savage said...

Hi honey, long time no see. I'm here to steal your http thingy to give you an award. But now I want to take that quiz. I'll be back.

Blogger TLP said...

A beer float. I love it!

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

Sounds heavenly. Where does the tequila go in that thing? You know, a little something to chase with the beer?

Blogger Utah Savage said...

Your award thingy is posted. Come and get it. And about those rules. We all know rules are just made to be broken, don't we?


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