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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Email Address!

I just remembered something! Actually I have known this for a while, but never did anything about it.

I use Blue Host for my support page. I got this domain so I have a place to create web pages and store stuff used in this blog. Those sound clips? They are on Pictures? Some are still hot linked (when I am too lazy to save the picture to my hard drive and upload it to, but most are linked from my domain. This way I do not have to worry about broken links. The pictures are on a domain I have control over. And there is enough space there that I do not have to worry about running out.

And I have a place to put my large photos, like my Shark Valley pictures. Some of those photos are several megs. Way too large to post here. The page would take too long to download even if you have high speed access at home. But I can put them on my domain, create thumbnails, link the thumbnails to the full size photos, create a simple web page - and now anyone can view them.

Anyhow, included in the hosting fee is email support. So I went and created a new email address for this blog! It is lazy(at)lazyiguana(dot)org. Where it says (at) you put the @ symbol. I write it like that to throw off spam bots that crawl the web looking for email addresses.

And here is the good part! Those who are frequent commenters can, for a limited time, get their very own FREE exclusive limited edition email address! It will be a POP3 account, meaning you can use Outlook or Thunderbird or any other email program. Also included is Web Mail support, AND spam filtering!

If you want your very own super exclusive one of a kind email address, email me. Use the new account, listed under the map thing above this post. If your email does not contain your blogger alter-ego, throw it in so I know who you are. Only alter-egos from people who comment here enough for me to recognize them will be given an email account.


Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I've always thought of getting my own space someday but I must be lazier than you are. It has always seemed like too much work.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

It is not too much work. I use FrontPage to create web pages, so I do not even have to know HTML. To upload stuff I just use a simple FTP program. is great. It is only $7 a month and I have 50 gigs of space and 999 gigs of bandwidth monthly. I do not use anywhere near this much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I can't believe nobody wants a free exclusive limited edition one of a kind super cool FREE email address!?!?!?! What gives?!?!?


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