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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Things I Never Knew Existed, But That I Needed.

I should know better than to look through a catalog. The "Sportsmans Guide" people love to send me catalogs. Of course they know I buy stuff from them. Like all sorts of LED flashlights. I also bought a 20 LED lantern, a set of 4 smaller LED lanterns, a cool gun cleaning kit, and probably some other crap I have forgotten about it.

But I think LED things are cool. Batteries last forever. Really. LEDs are the ultimate light source - and they keep getting brighter all the time. Hell I may even replace some real light bulbs with LED things. Yea they cost $50 - $75 a pop but you get maximum bang per watt. For the amount of light I get from a 100 watt bulb, with a LED replacement I might use 10 watts. Or less. Really. And they last forever too. 100,000 hour average life per LED. I may never have to replace them. Imagine a light bulb you pass on in your will.

Anyhow, I found these things in the catalog.

How cool! Shit this solves the "cant see shit behind me when I tow the boat" problem. Really - with the factory mirrors on the truck all I see is this giant thing really close behind the truck. And the side of the hull. Some of it anyway.

So I went on a quest to find these items locally. And I found a place that sells them. So I bought a pair. They clip on the factory mirror, and strap on using these rubber strap things. They are fully adjustable, and about the same size as the factory mirrors. So the end result is that with these things, my mirrors extend twice as far. And I can take them off so I do not smack things with em.

Of course I COULD have just adjusted the factory mirrors and maybe been able to see better. I never tried that. But now I do not have to. I can just use the clip on things. Something I needed, but did not know about. Catalogs rule.

MOVIE REVIEW! Pursuit Of Happyness was a change from the last few flicks I got - which were sort of dark. It is a true story about some dude who buys into a company selling portable bone density machines which he can then not sell. His bitch wife ditches him but he keeps the kid. He goes to work as an unpaid intern for Dean Witter, selling machines on the weekend. He looses all his money and has to sleep in bus stations and homeless shelters and stuff. But it all works out. He ends up with a better job, making real money, and eventually becomes a multi-millionaire. I hope he remembers where he once was and is very generous giving to that homeless shelter.

The next three movies in the way are Mean Creek, Midnight Cowboy, and The Royal Tenebaums.

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Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Sometimes you really can find cool stuff in catalogs.
I can usually find way too much of it, in fact.

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

Those mirrors are so cool that I would steal them and put them on my Explorer.

Anonymous badoozie said...

I might steal them and put them on my mazda with the sole purpose of going around whacking into things. I've always thought they looked a little "weird" but I spose if they serve a good purpose, I can overlook the look of them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the pursuit of happyness a lot, it made me cry. I can't imagine deserting my kid, and not even knowing his dad was homeless, what a wench that woman was. she should have her ovaries removed.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - catalogs are evil. We would all have more money if the things did not exist. Except for the catalog people that is. They would have a lot less money.

Caiman - I thought of how easy the things are to remove. So I would strap em on, tow the boat to the ramp, launch, park the truck/trailer, then remove the mirrors. They are easy to take on and off.

Badoozie - you could use the mirrors to whack annoying people trying to sell you flowers/donuts/candy/bottles of water/religious propaganda/drugs/flowers/churros/newspaers/homeless newspapers/hitting you up for donations/shrimp/fish/lobster tails/and all manners of other crap in the street.

Beanie - the woman was a major first class bitch. According to the movie she was all for the bone scanning machines at first. All business involves risk. But when things got rough, the ho bolted. And then what? Dude became wealthy, and guess who was not there. Serves her right. Had she just taken the time to pick up her son from the crappy ass day care, and supported her family during the internship thing then she would be living in a much nicer place than she is probably living in today.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I'm a sucker for the "Sportsmans Guide" myself. Some of the stuff is actually pretty good. And they send enough catalogs to keep our outhouse stocked.


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