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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The Blogger Team people spied on this site and were able to figure out it is not "spam". Now if you define spam as "unimportant, useless, annoying bullshit" then that means this blog is important, useful, entertaining GOOD STUFF! This puts a hell of a lot of pressure on me to keep posting stuff that lives up to the new standards imposed on this site.

So this means I can post You Tube videos here. but I forgot what the hell I was going to post in the first place. Seriously. I forgot. And now I am going crazy trying to remember what the hell it was that I was going to post. OH YEA! I remember now! THE FREAKING BROTHERS!

These guys are great. Bet you never knew you could play the piano with....uhhh...that. NOTICE TO KIDS AT HOME! Do not try to do this with your grandmother's piano. She has to touch the piano keys you know.

Onto the Netflix list! Someone posted a comment asking if I can review movies. Why not! Last night I watched Brazil. This Terry Gilliam (the guy who did the wacky animations for Monty Python) flick is very strange - yet somehow VERY RELEVANT to the world today. A "bug" causes government records to get the name of a suspected terrorist wrong, and as a result an innocent man is arrested. The "terrorist" turns out to be a renegade plumber who swoops in, fixes ducts, then leaves before the stooges from Central Services can arrive. But that is not important really. The world of Brazil is one of a HUGE all powerful and very inefficient government.

So much crazy crap happens that you just have to see the movie yourself. Plan to watch it more than once - you will need to. I saw Brazil before so I knew what to expect. When the movie came out it was just a crazy "1984" type movie - but in light of the crap going on today (secret courts, secret jails, legal torture, a government that you can not question too much lest you be accused of being a terrorist, etc) it really packs a punch.

DO NOT GET THE "LOVE CONQUERS ALL" VERSION OF THE MOVIE! That version sucks. They change the end and leave a lot of stuff out. The editor responsible for this needs to be shot. Get the regular version. Trust me here - it is a good movie.

Netflix is sending me "The Pursuit Of Happyness" instead of "Midnight Cowboy". The sidebar list is updated to reflect that.

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Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Its good to know that Booger has bestowed upon you the right to exist. We'll just forget about the fact that your blog being labeled as a spam blog was asinine in the first place.

Blogger Daisy said...

That Blogger, he does crazy things sometimes. I'm glad you can post YouTube videos again. I will never look at a piano the same way again.

I hope you like The Machinist! The lead actor lost 60 pounds for the role - one third of his body weight.

Blogger Jersey McJones said...

I wonder if one of those people with double fallaces could play a little Mozart...


Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

That takes talent. I just tried it and they either have very heavy balls or inverted hard-ons.

Great post.

Blogger actonbell said...

LOL, your comment about losing a computer under a pile of socks really cracked me up.

And good review! I saw that movie many moons ago, but should see it again. I agree, it would be highly relevant, now.

Do I look like someone who would watch that youtube video?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this girl who had someone leak her blog addy to the fuzz, who proceeded to begin reading her entire blog, and she simply did not want her life on display in that manner. have you ever known anyone like that?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - I can see why I got tagged as a spam blog. But it is all in the past now.

Daisy - thanks for the movie recommendation. I am going to watch it now.

JMJ - if they can play "flight of the bumblebee" I will be super impressed.

Caiman - I think they had at least one ball replaced with a 6 ounce lead fishing weight.

Actionbell - it is not a joke. I did loose a computer under a pile of government socks. I can buy new socks for less than it costs to wash my dirty socks. Now you know where your tax money goes.

Beanie - I never knew anyone who had their blog leaked to the fuzz. But why the fuzz would want to read a blog to find stuff is beyond my grasp. If I were the fuzz I would just ignore it.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I don't remember that, must have been another Fuzz.
Brazil was a little strange, I didn't know there was an alternate ending.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea, but it sucks. The "love conquers all" version has a happy ending. It ends with the guy imagining he is flying through the clouds with his dream chick and everything is great.

The Terry Gilliam ending is MUCH better.


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