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Friday, April 06, 2007

Fantastic Friday!

Welcome to Fantastic Friday. Or maybe it is "crappy ass Friday". I do not know.

No comments about my STAMP PAGE! So go to my STAMP PAGE now and look at it. Because it took me at least 20 minutes to make the STAMP PAGE. I hope you like my STAMP PAGE. So go there now so I do not have to keep typing STAMP PAGE.

MOVIE REVIEW! Donnie Darko. This film flopped in the theater, but has since become a cult classic.

How do you combine a troubled youth, an imaginary demonic rabbit thing, a big bronze dog mascot in a private school for wealthy kids, a crazy recluse old woman, and a mystery jet engine (no airplane - just the engine falling from the sky) together? Watch Donnie Darko. Since many people reading this may not have seen this one, I do not want to say too much. DO pay attention to the movie - and get the Directors Cut version. You have to pay attention to it to get it. Some things are not explained very well. Probably why it did not do so great in the theater but did well on DVD. I give this psychological thriller 5 Iguana tail whips. I tend to like movies that require one to keep track of stuff. Really - get this one.

Next few movies are the Dilbert animated series. I was supposed to get The Good Shepard, but this movie is now listed as "long wait" whatever that means. I must be on the Netflix shit list of "people who watch too many movies". See there has to be a break even point for them. Rent less than the break even number and Netflix makes money. Rent more than the break even number and you cost them money. So I suspect (but have no proof) that the "hot" new movies go first to those people that are money makers for Netflix. People like me who have been known to watch a movie then rush it off to the post office the same day I got it suck. For them. But hey - work this week is all but canceled. Something about "spring break". I will have the three Dilbert DVDs I have watched and in the return box in time for mail collection Saturday. They will arrive in the Netflix place Monday, and I will get three more Tuesday.

Now for some not-so-fantastic stuff.

It seems that there is a problem with my favorite thing in the world that floats. While running the engine a few days ago (you HAVE TO do this to a marine engine at least every two weeks OR ELSE!!!) I noticed the smell of gas. Unburned gas. It was leaking out of propeller hub. Not good. The working theory is that the carburetor float got stuck. At idle too much gas flows into it, so it spills out. At running speed RPM the leak stops because the engine can consume the gas.

Well this was bound to happen at some time. Carburetors get stuck. This is what they do. Why do you think fuel injection is so darn popular? Well that and the fuel economy issued. Fuel injected engines get better MPG.

But now for the fun part! The boat engine has 6 cylinders. Now in a car a single carb would handle this size engine. It may be a 4 barrel carb - but whatever. A hot rod may have two carbs, or even a "six pack" which is three 2 barrel carbs.

The boat engine has 6 carbs. One for each cylinder. What the crap?!!?!? And of course if one is out, all need to be rebuilt. Fix just one and sooner or later the others will crap out - one by one. There are little plastic parts and shit in them. So all 6 need to be rebuilt. Not too big of a deal, I found a dude who will come to the boat and do this. I am not very good with these kinds of things. It will be cheaper to have this guy do the work than it will be for me to destroy two or three rebuild kits, have to buy them again, and so on.

I am going to steal "King Shit of Turd Mountain" from Normy. She is into old cars and stuff and could probably rebuild my boat engine carbs. I like this phrase. I can see soooooooo many situations in which it will apply.

By the way, did everyone check out the Iguana Music? It is great.

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Blogger actonbell said...

Oh, I did check out the stamps, and forgot to say that they really made me laugh. I wouldn't recommend them, but they made me laugh.

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I'm pretty sure Netflix settled a lawsuit claiming that they stiffed people on the 3 or more plan and gave preferrence on hot movies to people like me on the 1 movie plan in which they make money off of me. Maybe they are back at it again. For my sake, I hope so!

Blogger Fuzz said...

They do that carburater thing on bikes too.

Blogger Victoria said...

Oh boy, you make owning a boat sound like far too much work! I think I'll stick to sail boats for now-- not that I own those either, mind you.
Donnie Darko was GREAT. I love that you're watching all of my favorites, one by one. Hit the international movies next and I'd even think you're stalking me!
PS: The stamp page paragraph is probably why you were tagged as a spam blog :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Abbey is right, there was a lawsuit regarding the whole "unlimited movies" thing. The court, however, found that Netflix had every right to delay shipment to heavy user customers and expedite shipment to those who returned their movies with less frequency.

So, I've found that I can play their game and still get the hot new movies just after they are released. I find out when a movie I'm interested in is being released (this information is available on the Netflix website.) Then, I do my normal movie turn around time thing until about two weeks before the release of the new one. I then hold on to my movies for an extra few days (causing my account to revert to the slow-user status) and send the old ones in just in time to be first in line for the new release. I live in Houston where there is a Netflix warehouse and I've found that this system works fairly well for avoiding the "Long wait" problem.

I totally agree with your take on Donny Darko. Weird, but worth the effort.

Anonymous Caiman said...

The Lazy,

Those are great stamps. I wonder who uses stamps because I know that I don't. The bank pays all my bills and I don't write letters.

Sorry to hear about the boat. You are very smart to have someone that knows what they are doing to do the work. I remember the time I tried to change my impeller, cost me twice as much, cut my hand and wasted a day.

Do you drink 12 beers while you're out on your boat?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Actionbell - I like my stamps. I may have some made up. But has some sort of bullshit "we reserve the right to not print stamps that will damage the good reputation of" policy. This may be an issue to work around.

Ed - it seems so. The Good Shepard was listed as available "now" till it was time to send it to me. Then they changed it to "long wait".

Fuzz - your bike has one carb per cylinder?

Victoria - it is a labor of love. All boats need constant care and upkeep. This is why traditionally boats are referred to as "she" and often given female names. You have to "dance" with a sailboat. If you treat a fine ship in a rough manner, it will not be very happy. Even on "ships of the line" (large warships) the captain would give orders such as "steady as she goes". My boat has been pretty good to me. I have not really had to do much serious work to it. Most things have been upgrades and replacement of things that like to wear out.

Anonymous - I will get my movie sooner or later. They can not hold out forever. Plus I have over 90 movies on the list.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Caiman - My dad and I replaced the water pump impeller twice. Those things really should be replaced before they wear out. I figured out the "trick" to removing the lower unit thing to get to the impeller. You need a floor jack, a short piece of scrap 2x4, and tilting the engine up a little. This way the jack holds up the weight so you do not have to.

I do not think I have ever downed 12 beers out on the water, but I have gone through 6.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Yes, but only 2. Fortunately I've not had to tear into them yet.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I know I've seen Donnie Darko, but my brain is so fuzzy I can't remember it. I'll really have to watch it again and try not to fall asleep. The problem with me watching movies at home is that I'm so chronically sleep deprived that I fall asleep during them even if they're interesting. Sometimes BECAUSE they're interesting. I start thinking and it taxes my poor brain waaaay too much!
I like King Shit of Turd Mountain too.
I stole "shit fire and save matches" from Stephen King. Hope he doesn't mind.


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