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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Raining Idiots

It rained today. Yea I know - news flash, rain in South Florida - story at 11. But as always, there were idiots who forgot what rain is and how to deal with it. This is always amusing to me, for about 30 seconds. Then it annoys me. So if you are reading this and you live in Miami and you are an idiot - write this on a Post-It note and stick it somewhere.

"DO NOT DRIVE WITH YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS ON". Of course you probably can not read or write so the note will not help you. Maybe you can get someone to draw you a picture or something? Maybe Miami-Dade County should publish a driving coloring book so that morons who drive might learn something. It is worth a shot, because nothing else is working.

Speaking of rain, we are under water restrictions right now. And it is raining right now as I type this. But what do you want to bet that some ass clown has their lawn sprinkler on right now? Is it that big of a deal to buy a rain sensor so that your lawn watering device does not waste water? And lastly, what kind of asshole are you if you think that your green lawn is so important that you can just dump water on it when the area is running out of the stuff? Really at this point lawn sprinklers need to be banned. If nature provides enough rain, then your lawn is green. If there is a rain shortage - too bad. Deal with it. Paint your lawn green if you are that uptight about it.

I got more Netflix movies on the way. One of them (Children of Men) is a reader suggestion! Of the other two, I have seen one a bunch of times and the other is the final disk in a TV show series. Hooray! More crap to watch!

Baynanza is this Saturday. The marine forecast is currently:
Seems like it will be a nice day.

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Blogger Ed Abbey said...

Huh? People down there drive with their hazard lights on when it rains? Now I've heard everything.

I never could see the point in creating more work for myself by watering the lawn. I usually go out of my way to stunt it so I don't have to mow it again for a month.

Blogger Victoria said...

Wait, does it rain really that rarely that people freak out? That's... isane. Also, I can't believe that you are under water restrictions already. Woah.
Children of men is one of the best movies I've seen-- but it really seems like something which should be experienced on the silver screen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my recent netflix were 12 Monkeys and Gridiron gang. I enjoyed both of these. Brad Pitt was brilliant in 12 Monkeys, although I don't normally care for him.

I think grass/lawn should be outlawed, afterall it's just a freakin weed anyhoo. too much natural resources and time go into maintaining lawns.

it's a good thing they put a little symbol on the hazard button in the cars, or asshats who can't read could not find the button to turn it on and annoy others

Blogger Normy said...

I don't think anybody should have lawn sprinklers... unless they want to plug them in so the kids can play once in a while. My lawn has everything from thistle plants to crabgrass to clover growing in it, and it has several bare spots. It still looks ok from the road.

Hope you like Children of Men, I was thinking about watching it again or maybe even buying it.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

Just today I was at Target while it was raining and the sprinklers were on. Perhaps their manager is a Hazard-Light Loving Floridian as well.

I want to suggest a movie, too! My favorites are Ronin or Wasabi (French with English subtitles). I've heard Children of Men was okay and a bit predictable.

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

Don't get me going on idiot drivers. I also like the people who don't turn their lights on.

I remember my mom use to water at night so the police wouldn't arrest her.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ed - people do indeed drive with their hazard lights on. They think it "helps". I agree with you on the lawn issue.

Victoria - people down here are dumb. They forget how to do stuff quickly. So if it goes for more than a week without rain everyone forgets what the stuff is. The water restrictions are overdue. We have had a rain shortage for at least a year.

Beanie - 12 Monkeys is a Terry Gilliam flick. And so is Jabberwocky. But Jabberwocky is a lot more silly. I do not support outlawing lawns and grass, I just think that watering it should be illegal. And if you live out west you should not have a grass lawn at all. You live in a freaking DESERT! You need to come here and rent a car if you really want to experience ass hats in action.

Normy - I will watch the movie in the next few days. Maybe Thursday afternoon?

Emma - Ronin is added to the list, at slot number 8. Thanks!

Caiman - I am used to idiot drivers, but sometimes they still piss me off.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

You bastard, you made me get Netflix!
There's always some clown with their sprinkler on in the rain.

Blogger Kristen said...

I've seen it happen in Ohio, too. WHY do people drive with their hazard lights on? I do not understand.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - you will grow to love Netflix. Really.

Kristen - they think it "helps other drivers see them better".


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