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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One Less Thing In The Yard.

Too much Toto is a bad thing, so I put up new Iguana Music. I do not know exactly who recorded this version - and it only contains one stanza. But it is all I can find. So if you have a better version, let me know. Ill get tired of this Iguana Music soon and put something else up.

According to my sources, June is smack in the middle of hot dolphin fishing season! And now that I have a boat with 44 inches of freeboard at the bow - I can go offshore to look for the buggers. I could go offshore with the old boat, but the cat I have now can go further offshore and is safer due to the increased freeboard. And the beam is wider. All this means it is a better offshore boat. So one of these days soon I want to try to catch some darn fish. I can get well offshore now - out to the shipping lanes if I want to.

I think the old boat is sold. Some dudes came by and left a deposit on it. The screwy thing is that they do not seem to want to water test it. I think they might plan to throw another engine on it. They could have another engine already. If this is the case then it would explain why they do not care to put the boat in the water before they buy - they are going to re-power it anyway.

If they do, they screwed the pooch. The engine on the old boat IS old, but it runs great. How old? It was made in 1986. Reagan was in office and everyone was dancing safely in parachute pants. Michael Jackson was not a weirdo, just a rich eccentric normal looking dude. The Soviets were going to nuke us and the Taliban were our good close personal buddies and partners with the CIA. Junk bonds were king and greed was good. Yes, the world was a pretty crazy place. It still is.

The old engine still has the original oil injection system hooked up and working. A lot of people disconnected them, but this one still has it. The 2 cycle oil sits in one tank, the gas in another tank, and the engine mixes the two as needed.

A compression test done yesterday gave all 6 cylinders a reading of 120. That is excellent. So if the buyers just toss the engine and hang another one on, they will be getting rid of a perfectly good engine.

But none of this is my problem. Let em do whatever they want. I tried to tell them that the engine is perfectly good but I do not think they believe me. They turned down multiple offers to water test the boat. I can show them that it really does hit 40 mph - a bad engine would not push the boat that fast. But they said "we do not need to do that" and "that is OK" so whatever.

Now I will have the flow to buy the fish finder I want to get. The old fish finder is going with the old boat. I did not feel like pulling the transducer cable and patching the screw holes in the transom. That is a pain in the ass. Plus the old fish finder was only $150 or something. The new boat is getting a nicer sonar unit. I took enough stuff off the old boat to ensure boat continuity, I do not really need the Humminbird Matrix 17 fish finder.

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Blogger actonbell said...

Uh-hot dolphin fishing season? And what's this about your cat? Your hunting Flipper with a cat?

"screwed the pooch" is a good paragraph opener for everyone you mentioned--I like that:)

I didn't know there was any such thing as a fish finder. I've learned something today.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should tie them up with duct tape and force them to water test it because that is just how it's done in some parts

Blogger Daisy said...

Can I borrow your fish finder? I would like to find some fish, too.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

Duct tape is a good idea.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Actionbell - Dolphin is a type of fish. The new boat is a power catamaran design. Hence, fishing for dolphin in the cat. "Screwed the pooch" is one of my favorite phrases. The fish finder is a fancy sonar unit.

Ba Doozie - it actually makes it easy on me to not water test the boat. If the buyer wants to skip the water trial fine by me. If they remove the old engine and slap on another used engine - they are probably going to screw up. The old engine is perfectly fine. but if they want to waste money it is not my problem.

Daisy - the fish finder never really found any fish for me. It did a much better job telling me how deep the water was.

Emma - duct tape is great stuff. I use it for all manners of stuff.

Blogger Normy said...

It's weird they don't want to try the boat out on the water. That to me would be like buying a car you wouldn't test drive first? Hmmm...

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

Congratulations on getting the boat sold without having some Cubans rape you.

I love eating Dolphin fish.

I'm tired have a good night.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Normy - it is strange. I think they figure the engine is not reliable and plan to replace it anyway. Or they plan to use it to smuggle more refugees in. Whatever.

Caiman - they did not come by today. But I still have their $100 deposit.


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