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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Is Here - Ronin Movie Review

I guess it is now summer! For my international readers, "summer" begins on a holiday weekend and ends on a holiday weekend - Memorial Day and Labor Day respectably. So on with the show. School zones go away, but then the streets are packed with kids who think the thing to do is just drive around - clogging up traffic. This is why I HATE going to to the famous "south beach" area so much. There are too many ass clowns who want to be seen driving around in piece of shit Buicks with fancy sound systems installed in them. They turn up the music so you can not hear how crappy the engine sounds. And they drive around and around and around. It got so bad the cops enforce "anti cruising" laws. But the laws are only enforced on kids with loud crappy cars.

Anyhow - by now only the year round residents are here. All the snow birds are long gone by now. It is hot as hell, humid as a cigar box pulled out of a lake and left in the full sun - closed - for an hour, and a hurricane or tropical storm can form at any time. The State is dry as a tender box and could catch on fire (again) at any time. So only us suckers who are too poor to afford summer homes somewhere decent are stuck here. My summer home would be in the Colorado Rockies I think. That would be nice. Or a year round home in the Keys. The lower Florida Keys are pretty nice. A place on the water would make South Florida a livable place in the summer.

MOVIE REVIEW - Ronin. Emma suggested this movie. It is an action thriller with extra intrigue and some killer car chases. The car chase scenes are shot in France, with the narrow streets and stuff. Totally awesome. And what about the intrigue? Well there are spies. Terrorists (or freedom fighters, depending on who you ask). A mystery case everyone wants. Several plot twists. And so on. All in all a very good action flick. It is not just car chases and shootouts in Europe - there is a complex story line there too. But enough action to keep you watching it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It took so long to load the comment box I forgot what I was going to say. I'm gonna have to get a new router, kiping signals from other people is getting old. what brand router did you buy?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I have an Alltel ADSL wireless router.

I only steal my neighbors signals when I want to download free music :)

Blogger Daisy said...

Oh no, it is almost hurricane season, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

So is the kind of music you speak of from the crappy buicks the sort with the booming bass that shakes your car when they drive up next to you and has been known to cause earthquakes?

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

I don't like those ass clowns, they're trouble indeed.

You can get a mountain house on a lake in NC and be only an hour away from snow skiing. No salt damage for the boat and a lot less expensive than Colorado.

Blogger TLP said...

Ohhhhh.....soon it will be less than 600 days of W !! Woo woo!

Ya know, when I was a kid, we cruised the strip that was downtown in the city I grew up in. That was so much fun! But we were just teenagers. And no one cranked up the radio so loud in those days.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you have your own signal, why do you steal the neighbors when you download?

I was really upset about those towels, they were swimming towels but nonetheless I was imagining all sorts of things and I believe I will henceforth pack my own towels as well. I found a black plastic garbage bag in the hallway and loaded them in it and left them in the elevator area. I was not wanting those in my room, or taking claim to them. I would have tossed them but I didn't want to get caught...oh and I checked the hallway for camera's before I did that.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Daisy - Yea, hurricane season is upon us, or will be very soon. But not being able to control them - I do not worry too much. If a really nasty one looks like it is on the way I might just pack up the important stuff (boat, cats, lizard, and me) and bail. I have a friend in North Carolina that lives on a lake I can home invade.

CM - exactly. The bass attracts the cops like blood in the water attracts sharks. I like to have crappy Buicks thumping bass near me in traffic, because then I can change lanes illegally and I do not get tickets.

Caiman - Yea, they are usually trouble. But sometimes they are just kids thinking they are cool by buying a $1,000 car and loading it up with $4,000 of audio equipment. I know someone who has such a home in NC on Lake Butler. The Smokies are nice, but the Rockies are just so much more majestic. Plus hurricanes can hit NC.

TLP - When I first put up the Bush countdown it was depressing. The number seemed so big. But all too slowly it is counting down. I can not wait till the days left in office is a single digit number.

Ba Doozie - if the music police are going to come, I would rather they come to the house next door. I can then pretend like I am against downloading free music and would never think of doing that.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

I hope you get some good dry air soon...I know. Fat chance.

I'm really glad you liked Ronin. It is one of my absolutely favorites. If you still have the disc, check out the extras and the director's commentary on the chase scene. Some of the fear in DeNiro's eyes is real, being dragged through the streets of Paris on a trailer (and at high rates of speed at that). Plus after I watch it I break out in Irish brogue on a frequent basis..hehe. You really should check out the movie Wasabi. It's outstanding.


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