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Friday, May 11, 2007

Trials And Tribulations

Today is the day! I sea test the power cat. I really want to know how these boats ride. Is it all hype, or do they really ride smoother than anything else of the same size on the water? I will find out. If the boat rides nice, and I am happy with the way it handles and the way it is powered, and I can find nothing wrong with it (stress cracks. corrosion, and so on) then the rest of the process begins.

FIRE SITUATION! Florida is still on fire. The State has updated fire maps every day, sometimes multiple times a day. But I am far too lazy to bother to post it. Just trust me - there is still a lot of shit on fire. But the smoke is gone from South Florida. At least from Miami-Dade County. My air is crisp and clean again.

FAKE STORM UPDATE! The first storm of the season looks like it is a fake storm. It is loosing strength, and moving away from land. We really needed the rain, but all we got was a nice breeze. A breeze that would have been perfect, except it is fueling the fires.

People have complained that there is not enough funny shit here. But I can not really think up any funny shit to post here right now. That takes a lot of effort you know.
Maybe I need to expose myself to more funny crap. Saturday I will spend some time at a public boat ramp, I am bound to see some funny stuff there! But today, the funny well is dry.

Probably because of..........


Deliver Us From Evil. Father O'Grady is the trusted Parish Priest. Only problem is that he is a child molester. This movie is true. And it is not a movie. It is a series of interviews from victims (all children at the time), parents of victims, police, layers for victims families, and taped court testimony of the Bishop who knew what was going on. Letters written by the creep and his boss the bishop are shown, taken from court records and given over by victims families.

And then there are the parts where O'Grady himself talks on camera.

Deliver Us From Evil is hard to watch. Not because of gross recreations of events. Not because of fake movie gore. It is hard to watch because it is 100% true. Parents talking about how they let a man live in their home, tithing to the church, paying tuition for a church private school - all so O'Grady could rape their 5 year old girl. in their own home. Can you imagine that? And why did the girl in question not say anything? Her father told her that if anyone did anything bad to her, he would kill them. She asked a friend what would happen if her father killed someone. The friend replied that her father would go to jail forever. So they did not say anything, our of fear that her father would end up in jail. She was only 5 or 6 years old. The abuse continued till she was 12.

But people need to watch it. Here is this group, making pronouncements on morality for EVERYTHING. Abortion sends you to hell. Being gay sends you to hell. Sex out of marriage sends you to hell. But a priest fucking a child is OK. What a bunch of bullshit. And yes, it DOES reach all the way up to the current Pope.

I am happy that I never gave one single dime to the Catholic Church after watching this. I know that none of my money will ever pay for this to happen to anyone. Heavy shit, I know. Blame Netflix - it suggested this movie to me because I liked some other documentaries.

Hard hitting, moving, highly disturbing, scary, sickening, and angering. All wrapped up in one film. Some people simply do not deserve forgiveness. O'Grady is one of those people.

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Anonymous Lissette said...

OMG, you will DEFINITELY see funny shit at public boat ramps, or even like the Bayside Marina! I watched a guy on a jetski explode his mirror trying to dock not too long ago. It was the funniest shit I'd seen in a long time.

Blogger Daisy said...

I was worried that Pixie had suddenly found religion. But then I realized she was chanting "I love CHEESES". And not something else.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lissette - I wish I had video of the guy who launched a 40 foot RACE boat from the Crandon Marina. This was a million dollar, 1,000+ HP twin massive engine race boat. From a public ramp.

Daisy - cheese is good. How is the smoke in your area?

Blogger Normy said...

"...Here is this group, making pronouncements on morality for EVERYTHING. Abortion sends you to hell. Being gay sends you to hell. Sex out of marriage sends you to hell. But a priest fucking a child is OK. What a bunch of bullshit. And yes, it DOES reach all the way up to the current Pope."

You hit the nail on the head... this is exactly why I will never have anything to do with organized religion. The hypocrisy. I try to be as decent as I can to people, yeah I drink a little and yeah, my guy and I aren't married, but I can tell ya I'm way less corrupt than half the people who attend Catholic churches.

I've been told by several Catholics that they do not condone or tolerate that kind of behavior by priests, they are justly punished and defrocked, it isn't widespread, yadda yadda yadda, but the fact is, it IS. That poor girl. I understand why she didn't say anything, she was taught that killing someone sent you to hell... then sheesh, what would happen if her dad killed a priest? The thought of a parent suffering unimaginable horrors outweighed the abuse she was suffering. Damn. You are absolutely right... some people should never be forgiven.

Anonymous Lissette said...

LMAO! That's typical Miami Mr. Iguana. Blow all your money on materialistic crap and then go cheap when it counts. I can't even begin to imagine how they hell this guy pulled that off in this marina!

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

You need Doozie down there to whip those fireman ibto shape.

I hope the boat works out.

I only watch comedies, I love to laugh at my own jokes.

Blogger actonbell said...

Intriguing movie review. Sadly, children who have been abused that way think,"who's gonna want me now?" It's the reason some of them "hide" in plain sight, without telling anyone:( How hideous.

It's okay not to be funny all the time--wouldn't be genuine, so don't go exposing yourself over it.

Anonymous bad oozer said...

can you tell me where to find these firemen, so I can spank them and make them work harder?

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I'll have to watch Deliver Us From Evil. As a fallen Catholic and the cousin of someone who was molested by his parish priest, it will have a lot of meaning to me. My family always wondered why that particular cousin was so troubled but chalked it up to "one of those things." I wrote about it here if you're interested in reading more about perverted priests molesting children and the terrible psychological fallout.
My parents tend to blame GAYNESS rather than perversion. I just roll my eyes. I can't explain to them that being gay isn't a perversion, it's simply a natural aberration, so I don't even try. Being gay doesn't make one a molester. But I'm preaching to the converted, so to speak. Ah well. The one good person that I can think of who was part of the Catholic Church was Pope John Paul II, but he was simply a good man, and it was almost as if it was in spite of his being Catholic rather than because of it.


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