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Friday, June 08, 2007

Boat Launching Lessons.

Lets say you have a really nice boat. Not something you haul around on a trailer, but something REALLY nice. Several million dollar nice. Something like this.

How do you get it in the water? It is built on land you know. At some point it has to be put into the water. So how do you do this? Well there is a right way and a wrong way.

As usual, all photos can be clicked to view the full size photos. The full size photos are all under 150kb.

Looks good so far! Here we see the yacht on a lift. Notice the propellers in the back of the boat. Those are important. This is how large boats are put on the water. Using straps and a lift.

Huston, we have a problem! Someone screwed the pooch here BIG TIME! Notice the TWO guys in the stern. Can't see the dudes? Click the picture to see the larger photo. This was NOT supposed to happen. The boat either slipped off the front strap OR the front strap broke. Either way, this is an excellent example of the WRONG WAY to lower a boat into the water. Do not do this.

HEY! Remember the two drive units and propellers from the lift photos? Where are they now! Where did they go? Good question. My best guess is that as the front strap broke or slipped or whatever, the back strap caught the rear drives. The weight of the boat then caused the drive units to get ripped off the bottom of the hull. MAJOR damage there. Of course, the boat floating bottom up indicates massive damage. This boat is done dealing. Between the ripped out drives, and the water damage, I doubt it will ever float. By the time the damage is repaired, the repair bill may be more than what you could get by selling the thing.

And here we see the gas leaking out (notice the slick around the boat) and the two dudes being rescued.

By the way, this was a brand new boat being put into the water for the first time for the Dubai Boat Show. Ouch!



Blogger Ed Abbey said...

That't why when I get my big fancy boat built, I'm going to slide it in the water using logs and a ramp!

I must say that I've cliffed launched my kayak like that before.

What a ride!

Blogger Daisy said...

Oh dear, that is very sad what happened to the pretty boat.

Blogger Ba Doozie said...

I'm not sad at all...those rich people can just collect the insurance and get another one. I'm never sad when rich peoples stuff gets ruined. Because if they can afford that crap they can afford to replace it...gluttons! heathens!! to the resource room all of you!

Blogger Ba Doozie said...

Is this my butt with scabies on it? I certainly hope not

Blogger Ba Doozie said...

This Guy has more problems than just the scabies

Anonymous boat show said...

The Lazy,

Doozie has a nice butt.

I really hate to see this boat like this. Just think of all the babes you could have picked up with this boat.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ed - boat lifts are usually a good way to launch things. When the out drives stick out of the bottom of the hull like that lifts are pretty much your only option.

Daisy - Anyone who can afford a boat like that can afford another one.

Doozie - I hope that is not your ass. It is very scary. And that old man needs to scrape all that skin off.

Boat Show - That boat could have picked up a lot of babes. It just screams "I have money and can afford massive payments".

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Am I supposed to be laughing? Because even if I'm not supposed to, I can't stop!

Blogger Dusty said...

lol..any one that can afford a boat like that can afford another one..which is why I laughed my ever lovin ass off during the viewing of this post.

I mean..I feel for the guy, but I can't quite reach em.

Blogger Paul said...

A boat that size does not have I/O drives.

It has inboard engines with a propeller on the end of fixed shafts.

"Hello, Allstate???"


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