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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ASW Destroyer Primauguet

French warship Primauguet is the fifth destroyer in a series of seven designed for anti-submarine warfare. Laid down in Brest, France (sounds like my kind of place) in November 1981, Primauguet entered service in 1986.

Her main deployment area is the Atlantic Ocean, and she belongs to the Naval Action Force in Brest. She can also be deployed overseas for longer periods. In 2003 she operated in the Persian Gulf. Primauguet has a set of fully integrated sonars for submarine detection, whose masterpiece is the variable depth active sonar.

Primauguet is designed for open sea Anti Submarine Warfare. Her main mission is to ensure the protection of the national strategic defense force, composed of nuclear ballistic submarines. Fitted with considerable anti-surface warfare and air defense capabilities, she is able to conduct any naval operation in modern warfare. Pictured above is one of her two Lynx helicopters.

And here is the art on the chopper. I thought it was pretty cool.

This photo was taken at the bow, looking back towards the stern. That deck gun is a 100mm turret mounted gun.

This is one of the smaller boats on the ship. This is a RIB or rigid inflatable boat. The keel and chines are fiberglass.

Technical Data:
Length 455 feet
Beam 52 feet
engines 2 diesel engines @ 5600 HP each, and two gas turbines @ 28,300 HP each.
Maximum Speed 30 knots

By the way, all of the technical stuff is what is written on the folder thing that were put out for any guest who wanted to get one. There is some other stuff, but I am too lazy to put it up. This ship is exactly 23.94 times longer than my boat, and 6.12 times wider than my boat. Or 436 feet longer and 43.5 feet wider. Whichever sounds bigger.

It was an excellent reception. The wine was great, and the champagne was fantastic. I did not know I like champagne until today.

It was a fantastic and rather unexpected privilege to be invited on board. I guess things like this happen if you know the right people. Apparently I do.

As usual, photos can be clicked to see them in full size.

I am back on Sanibel Island. I was only in Miami for about 23 hours. The whole reason for going back was to go on the ship. Feeling rather French, I was sipping on Perrier fizzy water while driving back to the island.

At this point I might as well try to stay up. The sun is probably going to rise in the next few minutes.

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Anonymous sandrine said...

I was there too! They had great petit fours. I did not know the right people though, I got in only because my brother is in the french navy and he had a friend in there. I wish I had brought my camera too....I thought it would be forbidden.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I thought that may be the case too. But others were snapping away. And I plopped the camera right there in the basket where the metal detector guy was - he said nothing about it.

I also asked the people who invited me what the protocol on board was. I asked about the camera in advance and would have left it in the vehicle if it was not OK. I was only on the main deck, so it is not like I could not have taken the same photos from a boat in the ICW, or the porch of a condo using a telephoto lens. So I guess it was OK.

The petit fours was good.

Anonymous sandrine said...

I was lucky to be able to visit inside the boat so I guess THEN they would have told me something if I had a camera. And we met some guys just getting out the showers with a towel around their hips so THAT would have made a good picture LOL

It s great you took pictures though I was able to show them to my colleagues.

Blogger Dusty said...

Freaking cool Lazy..I like your little tour guide writeup as well.

Enjoy your time on the island..keep in touch m'dear :)

Anonymous krok7 said...

The Lazy,

Great pictures. You are an important person to have been invited to that.

Were there hot chicks?

Blogger TLP said...

That was great! You were lucky to be able to see that.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Sandrine - They were letting people all over the place. It was pretty cool. I guess the French Navy is not as paranoid about stuff. Plus everyone there was a guest of someone, so it is not like the event was open to just anyone. You had to know someone with the hook up so to speak. Even then, I was careful with the camera. I did not want to offend, upset, or get on the bad side of the hosts.

Dusty - time on the island is almost up. Sad but true. One more trip across the State.

Krok - I am not that important. I just happen to know people. So I get invited to stuff.

TLP - it was amazing. A lot of people in Miami saw the ship, it was just sitting there outside the ICW in Downtown Miami. It is not like you can hide a destroyer. But not very many got to go on board.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

I wish I knew people.

Blogger Fuzz said...

How do they get that thing on the trailer ?

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

The Primauguet sounds like a prime ship to have come from a country such as Phucquery.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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