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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crazy Ass Weekend

Wow what a day. I was up fairly late Friday night. And then Saturday I had to go to some really cool pollution investigation training at the sea port. Of course this had to start early in the morning. Then I get home and a few hours later I had to go to the party thing. And then I started to watch The Black Hole.

Today at 0830 I plan to launch the Seagull to head off to North Key Largo for some snorkeling. It is really a spy mission to the reef. I ran into someone who just got certified for scuba diving. This is handy because I happen to be certified too. But up till now, nobody I knew was certified or interested in getting certified. Diving alone is a really super extra horrible idea. Too many things can go wrong. So now I may have a dive buddy. Pretty slick. In fact I may have found a group of three people that are new divers. So with me making 4, that is two buddy teams. One team can remain on the Seagull while the other team dives. It is a good idea to keep someone on board to monitor the boat and make sure it does not break its mooring or sink or whatever. Anyhow that would work out great.

But today is just a spy mission to show one person just how great the reef I selected is. It is a safe place for a new diver, and one who has not dove for many years, to gain some skills. It is not very deep, the water is clear, there is a ton of stuff to see, and if there is any current is it weak.

Holy crap I am going to be beat tomorrow afternoon. But it is OK. Boat missions are always worth it. I can always sleep later. Sleep is over rated anyway.

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Anonymous Old Krok said...

The Lazy,

Have fun diving. I hope one of your dive buddies is a hot babe with money. I use to dive a lot but I started get ear problems. I think it's old age.

Blogger actonbell said...

Sounds like a blast!

I don't know anything about diving, but it must be a lot of fun. Years ago, I worked with a guy who had been very much into diving UNTIL he lost his teeth--you can't wear dentures underwater, apparently, without the pressure being unbearable...anyway, he missed it very much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can sleep when you're dead

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Krok - What if you had to choose between hot or money? Which way would you go?

Avtionbell - it is. But I was not breathing compressed air today. That will come later.

Doozie - I thought that you just rotted when you were dead?


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