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Saturday, July 07, 2007



Friday at some crazy hour of the morning (around 9 or 9:15 AM) I got a call. Of course I was not awake. I was up till at least 5 AM. Maybe 6 AM. Who knows.

Anyway I get a call. One of my friends was out on his boat fishing. Problem was his boat was not making any power. The engine would only hit 3000 RPM (should spin up to at least 5000 RPM) and was just not producing power to get the boat on plane.

I hate it when that shit happens. And it does happen. Last time his boat was in the water it ran great. That was last week. This week - no go.

So after going over what it could be (clogged fuel filters, bad fuel, fouled spark plugs, dead cylinder(s), or something else totally unrelated to any/all of the above) he says "can you meet us at the dock to go fishing?".

So I get to thinking. Can I? Well lets see. My boat has a full tank of gas. I had just used it last Sunday and it ran great. I have never gone into blue water with it and I wanted to know how it could handle the ocean rollers. So yea, I guess I can head out.

So I get up, throw the equipment in the boat, and head to the ramp. I get there just as my buddy is limping back to port.

All the fishing crap was tossed from boat A to boat B, then I loaded everyone up (4 in total including me) and we took off to the deep blue sea to troll for dolphin. Not flipper, but the dolphin fish. I am far too tired to find a photo. Google search "dolphin fish", "mahi-mahi" or whatever yourself.

Long story short - no fish. Not even any shorts. No fish at all. I was in 700 feet of water, on the edge of the Gulf Stream, and nothing.

So I headed back in. Got back to the ramp and got home at about 5 PM. Washed the boat down, flushed the engine, backed the boat under the carport thing, and showered - and then bailed out to go to my weekly training thing at the Yacht Club to which I am not a member.

After the training the group goes to the bar for beer and food. Mostly beer. I hang out till the bar closes. We tip the bartender well so everyone just pretends that somebody in the group is a member of the club. Someone is, but that someone was not there tonight. Oh well.

Then after the bar closes we chill out and eat shit for another hour or so. Then I come home. Nuke some food, watch a bit of TV, and then.........

It is now 3:17 AM. I am beat.

Pictures of the Fowrey Rocks lighthouse and a Moon Over Miami tomorrow. Or maybe later today. Check back.

Also some exciting news about Stiltsville.



Blogger cathouse teri said...

Quite a day! Sounds like the good kind of exhaustion, though. Hope you got some rest!

Blogger TLP said...

*sigh* Geez, I hafta provide my own graphics?????

Fun read. Listen, hon, if you eat shit for another hour or so... then you are not goin' to feel tip-top the morning after. Just drink beer. You know its clean.

Blogger actonbell said...

Well, as long as you had fun.
Exciting news about Stiltville? Intriguing.

Anonymous Hairy Crotch said...

The Lazy,

Do you have a back-up motor on your boat or do you use Sea Tow? What were using as bait for the flipper?

I didn't know they allowed young people in the Yacht Club. Good place to pick-up old rich ladies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so you werent good enough to invite on the original fishing trip but when they needed a boat, they invite you? I would have told them to kiss my ass

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Teri - It is always good to take the boat out. Unless something bad happens. Like a sinking. That would be bad.

TLP - Photos of the lighthouse will be posted soon. We ate what we caught, shit. Not a single fish.

Actionbell - I never claimed to know how to fish. I never catch anything.

Krok - I have a single outboard. No kicker. I pay for Tow Boat US membership. We used ballyhoo and some artificial lures as bait. Someone is a member of the yacht club. They are nice enough to let us use a room there once a week for training. Very nice people.

Doozie - The boat was full. My friend was out with his dad who is a wreck. The man is having problems. He pisses on himself and crapped his pants on the boat. He was also out with a 15 year old neighbor kid who he had been promising to take fishing for some time. And then there was one other person. 5 people fishing on a small boat is really too many. Nobody has outriggers so we can only set three lines at a time. For the second trip out the old man bailed, so there were only 4 people.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok fine. I just take on other peoples offenses and get upset for no reason, I'm mildly retarded and that makes for some long days

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I would not say you get upset for no reason. You have a reason. You are a chick. Nobody ever accused a chick of being rational.

Please do not stab me.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I won't stab you. I'll nuke your dinner in a reactor until it turns rubberized and then force you to eat it with non-alcoholic beer for the "chick" remark.
But at least it sounds like a pretty good day all in all!
I'm not rational but it's because I'm technically insane.


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