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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Something Starting with S.

And containing a H. And a T. Oh yea and it needs a vowel. How about I?

What is it called when you use a bunch of words that contain the same sound? Alliteration? Something like that. Anyhow I like doing that. That would explain the title of the post. Just in case you were wondering.

Don't really have time for more. The boat is hitched up, the digital camera is charging, and I have a full complement of beer. And fizzy water. And possibly all sorts of other stuff I am forgetting about. Like for example.....drain plugs? I don't know anymore. I just hope I do not forget the boat keys. That would totally suck. It would suck to the second power.

The drain plugs in the new boat require a wrench to put in. So I have to not forget to bring the proper size wrench. I keep an adjustable wrench in the truck tool box so it is not likely I will leave home without it.

And now, for your viewing pleasure - people falling off on or off boats! Some of the people in this video may have needed pain killers afterwards.

NETFLIX UPDATE! You can now watch movies right from the Netflix website! It helps to have a high speed internet connection. Coolness. I can watch 18 hours of movies online every month. For every buck you pay a month you get 1 hour of viewing time.

MOVIE REVIEW - The Bridge. This film chronicles, through interviews with friends and family, the story of a few people who choose to end it all by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

REALLY heavy subject matter here. After this movie, you will not look at that bridge the same way. I had no idea so many people jump from it. This film defies a rating.

BLAZING SADDLES - I think everyone has seen this movie. It is said to be Mel Brooks's finest film. I do not know about that. I thought that History Of The World Part I was his best movie. But Blazing Saddles is funny. For its time it was probably much funnier. I had seen it before. I rented it again because it was a "special edition" DVD. It was the same movie.

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Blogger Cheesemeister said...

That Bridge film would have been a bad one for me to watch today. I have yet to understand why once I complete something I tend to become depressed rather than elated. Luckily I seem to have slept through most of it. I think Blazing Saddles would have been a better plan. I always love that movie!

Blogger actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!
Yes, Blazing Saddles would be a good cheer-up movie.
And, about your previous post, I'm afraid that too many people are under the impression that their STUFF defines them. Since they'll never have brains, I guess they are right. And, my most recent gripe involves the way they're driving to the mall to get their stuff. It's like a f'ing emergency out there, all the time. CRISIS!!! NEED MORE STUFF! I saw these phones on CNN, and I must have it NOW.

Okay, sorry, so I almost had an accident because of an idiot deciding to exit to the right from the left lane (never mind me): when I hit the brakes to avoid rear-ending him, the dude in back of me got angry and passed me VERY closely. As if I could have acted differently. There is no patience or tolerance left, no manners. Too busy talkin' on the cell phone, anyway.

Blogger Herr Krokodil said...

The Lazy,

That video was great. I've never had good luck with fat people on my boat. One time I did save a fat person from drowning when they fell between their boat and the dock. I just kept him a float until some strong young guys pulled him out.

If you move to Ireland you're going to need a more substantial boat, serious wave action.

Blogger Herr Krokodil said...


That grill is beautiful. I'm jealous. Did you have sex with the hostess at TGI Fridays to ensure the win?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

CM - The Bridge was a heavy and serious film. They did show some people impacting the water, which really was not necessary. But the wide angle shots of something (you can not see what) making a big splash was very moving. All in all, I think the film showed a serious matter in a tasteful and non exploitive way. It was an indy film not out to make money like a Hollywood Blockbuster is. It just told some stories. It showed at a SF Bay area indy film festival. I do not think the people who made it expected it to go any further.

Actionbell - Yea, that is the case. But it still does not fully explain I-Phone mania! It is insane! People are even calling it "The Jesus Phone" because it is a "miracle" device that can do "everything". So lets see a phone get me a beer (now) and wipe my ass (later). THEN I will be impressed.

Krokodil - I have never had good results with fat people on the boat either. I have had small boats, and they are easy to unbalance. And will tubby sit in one place? Hell no. Tubby has to waddle all over the boat. I almost dressed Tubby in orange and used it as a marker buoy. The Irish Sea is some nasty water. I think I would need at least a 40 footer. The grill is nice. I would have had all kinds of sex with the hostess chick - she was very hot. I would not even care if her hair smelled of TGI Friday's food.

Blogger TLP said...

Sailors sliding seaward sadly slipping stupendously and spuriously into the sea.

I don't want to watch folks jumping off of bridges!


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