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Thursday, August 23, 2007

How Exciting

It seems that I single handedly got rid of all the regular readers and commenters. Three comments? And one of them is mine? All time new low. Well not really - my real all time low is zero comments.

Anyhow I think I know what I might be doing for the rest of this week. So here is the schedule so far.

Thursday - the usual stuff I always do. You know, all that boring "life" stuff.

Friday - I might get to move some stuff! How exciting. And then after that, go out to a somewhat cool and trendy place for some food. I know a place that is good. And then after that there are all sorts of things in the area. Bars, ice cream, shops, movie theater, and so on. All in walking distance. Pretty slick.

Saturday - who knows. Ill figure something out

Sunday - too far in the future to know anything about it.

Monday - back to the usual.

And this is pretty much it. More than I did last week. Yea yea I know - my life is way too exciting. It is so exciting that I have time to dig this up!

Did you know the Great Wall Of China CAN NOT be seen from space? In fact, it is all but invisible from even low Earth orbit. You seem it is very long but not that wide. So from space, it would be a very thin line. And furthermore, the wall would be a similar color to the land it sits on. After all it is made from local rocks and/or tamped dirt.

So what if visible from space? Cities. Airport runways. Stuff like that. But not any walls.

And if I have time to dig this fun stuff up - then you know that my life is very action packed and so full of stuff that I have no time to piddle with unimportant bullshit. Like for example, researching what is and is not visible from space.



Blogger Daisy said...

I'm still a regular reader!

Anonymous Ed Foster said...

You and your blog both suck!

Blogger actonbell said...

(I hope you know ed really well)

The Great Wall is still one of my ambitions--I want to see it some day, IF no one bombs into orbit.

I always enjoy your blog, even if I can't play on the computer very much. Last night, I felt compelled to finish a book, and so did not read any blogs, and I missed a lot. Aral got her job. Mom says Hoss had some funny beer stuff, that I NEED to check out. Oh, and it's my turn to make dinner tonight--toodles.


Blogger Fuzz said...

Gee, what a bummer. I had always heard you can see that wall thing from space. I just looked on that Google Satellite thing, and I couldn't see it ! Now I'm all disappointed and don't know who to trust any more. It appears that the Iguana may be the only source of accurate information left in this perverted world.

Blogger Rufus said...


I find it amazing that you can make boring crap slightly readable. I think it's a great talent you have.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Daisy - I know. Us Florida people need to stick together. It is us against the alligators after all.

Ed - back at you man.

Actionbell - I too wish to see the Great Wall one day. Just because you can not see it from low Earth orbit does not make it any less great.

Fuzz - it seems some astronomer made the claim that the Great Wall would be visible from the moon. This was in the 1920s. From the moon no man made structures are visible.

Rufus - it takes great talent and skill to do what I do. Sometimes I amaze myself.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

feel like driving to the west coast? I'm going to see Doozie...

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Emma - I do not think I have enough gas in the truck for that drive. All summer with no work has really REALLY hit me in a financial way. I am on an extra strict super emergency can-not-screw around I am really serious this time budget.

It is so bad that I am opening the bottles of red wine that I was given for Christmas and not buying any more beer!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh stop yer sniveling....we all love you and you know it. I mean REALLY. Stop farting and burping,and some hot woman might want to live with you and iron your clothes

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

If she is really good at ironing, I may overlook her not being hot.

I put all the fart noises here, and all the fart talk here, so that I do not say stupid shit when I am hanging out with a chick. Who is resisting, but only a little bit and so I keep suggesting we go to Coconut Grove because it is cool.

I will keep this up until she kicks me in the nards or throws a hot/caustic liquid in my face.

I never know exactly when to give up. Unless I have something scalding and/or caustic thrown on me.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

I'm looking for the wonder bra link.

Really? You can see an airport runway from space?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

The Wonder Bra link is on Emma's blog, in the comments.

You can see some airport runways from space. According to shuttle astronauts.

Blogger Dusty said...

Google Earth is a nice playtoy and you CAN see the Great Wall with it.

Its not the best view but there it is..

Its free have you d/l it? Now you can see outerspace too with it.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

My absence wasn't about you--it was about the HORROR of building and promoting the STUPID website for the book. I want to work on the second book, not figure out how to hype the first one. GAAAAH! I wish I was rich like Stephen King. Then I could hire a publicist and a web designer.
Sorry that a couple of dildos seem to have made their way to your blog. Guess it happens to the best of us.


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