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Monday, August 20, 2007

More About Skipper And Korat Cats If You Can Get That Far

So the other day I was at McDonalds, and they had installed double drive up lanes, but only had the same single window where you pay!

Just kidding. The retarded bullshit has not made it down here yet. By the way, those are two separate totally unrelated links. So that is one thing I do not have to worry about. Not that I go to McDonalds very much. It is food of last resort. It is pretty nasty stuff.


Ever think you are just going to go to sleep because someone you know just popped into town from Germany so you went out to a Thai/Japanese place to meet them and have some food and ended up drinking 5 things of hot sake, ate an order of vegetable spring rolls, some spicy tuna rolls, and spicy yellow curry with shrimp then hung out at a Starbucks but did not order any coffee? Well that is just what I was thinking. I get home at 11:15 and start to watch TV. Then I get tired, probably from all the sake. That stuff is good. I like it a little too much. If I ever get to Tokyo I am going to consume my weight in sake and then be like Godzilla, except instead of destroying everything I will just be taking a leak on everything. I do not know what the Japanese symbols for "mens restroom" is. So I might have problems finding a toilet. The cops there do not carry guns, right? I hope so.

Anyway I sleep for a bit, then wake up. And shortly after that I have a slight gut ache. So I think "oh shit" and go to the bathroom. It was very.....uhhhhh....liquid like? So I get that over with and then I feel better. But I am awake now. Great. Aren't you glad I shared that with you? It was like there was a pressure down there - and it decompressed rapidly. I do not think anything was solid. More details you are probably more than happy to read.


And now for more on Skipper and Korat cats. If you made it this far. Which I somehow doubt.

Anyhow, in another post which I am too lazy to locate but you can search this blog for "Skipper" and "Korat" and find it yourself, I posted that Skipper looks a lot like a Korat cat. So I started to research this finding. And it seems Skipper also looks like a Russian Blue, and a Chartreux. But these two breeds have a double coat, Skipper seems to only have a single coat. The Chartreux is also a stocky cat (Skipper is not) and the Russian Blues have vivid emerald green eyes (Skipper does not). The Chartreux, Russian Blue, and Korat all have a similar color. The Russian Blue is the most common of the three breeds in the USA, with the other two being somewhat uncommon.

So Skipper may just be a random blue cat with silver tipped hair and a single coat. It really does not matter. But I still think he is more like a Korat than any of the others. He is not stocky, and does not have the double coat.

But all three breeds have similar personalities. They all pick one human that they are always following around and hanging out with. That sounds like Skipper. He is always around here someplace. If I am on the sofa, Skipper shows up. If I am in my bed watching TV, Skipper shows up. Cleo and the other cats are not like that. Oh yea and if I am on the sofa and Cleo comes by to visit, Skipper will attack her and make her run off - then he hangs out. Of course he is playing, but none of the other cats want to play with him.

But Korats are known to be full of energy, either in "cat high on cocaine" mode or in "totally crashed out" mode. Again, sounds like Skipper. There is no middle gear for him. He is either zonked out or running all over the place terrorizing the other cats. Right now I do not hear things getting knocked over, or other cats running away and hissing so Skipper must be zonked out somewhere.

Lets see, what else. Oh yea, Korats get along well with other cats - as long as they get to be number one with the human they choose to claim. Again, sounds a lot like Skipper.

The other day I was draining some water from a 6 gallon fish tank. While I was putting the gallon container on the floor so I could siphon out some water, Skipper jumps on my back. So now I can not just stand up straight without getting clawed. And then he goes into zonked out mode. Seriously. He just sprawls out, purrs, and makes like he is about to take a nap. So I had to stand up slowly. And then get him off my shoulders. He does stuff like that all the time. It is kind of a pain in the ass. And it happens rather often.

But there is one good thing. Skipper does not seem to loose hair all over the place.



Blogger Daisy said...

Skipper sounds great! My Mommie has learned not to bend over around me because I leap right on her back, too. Then she has to walk all hunched over until she is near a table and says "Get OFF, Daisy! NOW!" It is very funny.

Blogger TLP said...

I lasted until the Skipper part came around. For the future, just tell us the good stuff. No sh*t.

Your comments on the bullshit link are the funniest thing I've read all day. (By that I mean the comments that you left on that site.)

Blogger cathouse teri said...

I have met a few cats in my life who have great personalities. Some cats are just cats. My sister has a couple of cats, and they have that "special" look that Skipper has. They are so cool. Since they are not allowed outside, she will take them out, but they have to ride on her shoulder. She will go by the door. They jump up (one at a time, of course, they don't get to both go out at once) on her shoulder and she can walk all about the yard. No claws or anything. They are fantastic. When company comes, they have got to check them out. This is not common among cats. They are usually quite aloof about strangers.

ANYWAY, my point is that you have a cool cat! Regardless of his heritage, he has some good genes!


Anonymous krok20 said...

The Lazy,

I hope you use mouth wash.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a similar situation, I have a cat similar to the Havana Brown Cat except for that pesky white patch on her chest. She has their eyes and coloring but not those atrocious ears.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh sure, the krok is leaving you messages? what about ME!!

as for the hershey's squirts, I eat a lot of cheese lately and it seems to help that issue. banana's too

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming soon the double pay drive thru lane. Instead of two ordering positions you pay at window 1 AND window 2. Neither window gives you food and there is no window 3.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Well, I always make it all the way to the end! Because I too write long, rambling posts. Especially on the Death Cheese blog! But those are stories. And they still qualify as short stories.
The retardedness has made it to where I live.
McDonald's breakfast sandwiches are ok, I always forego the crappy hash brown clump. And for some reason, once a year I get a craving for a Big Mac. But generally speaking, if I'm going to eat fast food crap, I prefer Good Times. Sure it leaves my stomach feeling like it was run into with a mace, but they have that great fry dipping sauce and you can request for everything to be smothered in guacamole!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Daisy - when Skipper gets on my back I have to slowly stand up so he moves to my shoulders. Then I can grab him. He never used his claws.

TLP - It seems that the retarded ideas are all from the North West. I hope the same thing does not migrate to South Florida with everyone else when it starts to freeze. Then again, I do not go to McDonalds very much so maybe I do not care.

Teri - Skipper never tries to escape. The other cats do. They mostly hang out in the back yard. Sometimes they go to the front yard. Skipper likes to investigate company. So does Sake - but only sometimes. He is a good cat. I do not know why he was dumped.

Krok - I use mouthwash several times a day. Got to avoid the stank breath.

Doozie - solid brown is a rare color for a cat. So your cat is either a freak with recessive gene pairs, or is mostly Havana Brown. The breed profile sounds similar to Korats. Cheese is the food that binds.

Anonymous - that would not be such a bad thing. It would keep people from eating so much fast food.

CM - I kind of like the hash browns. I eat them first. But I am usually not awake for breakfast and so I rarely eat it.

Blogger Dusty said...

I had to google Korat's during the reading of this post.

I wasn't thrilled with the beginning subject, but I doubt anyone was.

Your nothing if not interesting Lazy.

I have standard issue felines..except mine were all born feral except Clyde. He is a Siamese...the chocolate point variety.

He also hates all the ferals..he bitchslaps the shit out of them if they get close enough. He was declawed as a kitten, front paws only. Man, when he bitchslaps the ferals you can hear it across a room.

Guess he is a tad racist against the ferals..or a bigot I am not sure which.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Dusty - your Siamese cat is clearly a republican who hates all the alley cats who are not of a pedigree such as he is. They are beneath him, and should be bringing him chilled drinks and cleaning his litter box.


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