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Sunday, August 26, 2007

What Are Words For

MOVIE REVIEW! Part two of the revenge trilogy from the Korean director. The guy is a student of philosophy and a fan of Hitchcock. Anyhow, the second film, OLDBOY, is pretty good. 4 tail whips.

The plot revolves around some guy that is imprisoned in a hotel room like cell for 15 years, for unknown reasons. Needless to say, he is fairly pissed off when he gets out. He is pretty much planning on kicking all the asses in South Korea - regardless of their need to be kicked. He is very upset about being imprisoned alone for all that time. But that is not all! OH NO! There is more to the story than that. You will not see the plot twists coming. Trust me. You will never figure it out. That is why the 4 tail whips. I like it when I can not predict what is going to happen. The movie is dubbed in English so you do not have to read it. Like those old kung-fu movies. It is also subtitled if you want to read the movie. And here is the coolest part - the Engligh audio dubbing does not match the subtitles. Huh. This one I liked better than the first one. It is one hell of a revenge theme movie.

In other news, I invented a new word. It is a verb and/or adjective. The word is "Skippered". Here is how it is used in a sentence.

"I think your drink got skippered when you got up to take a leak". Or "Your food just got skippered, I told you that you had to guard it".

The word comes from Skipper the cat. He gets into EVERYTHING. If I set down a beer, his nose gets stuck into it. Food is not safe at all. He seems to really like french fries. He likes McDonads fries the best, but he will also eat BK fries. I get very little peace. He does not give up. You can push him away, but that does not last. You can put him on the floor, but that only works for about 3 seconds. You can flick water at him, but that only works for 6 seconds unless you use a 5 gallon bucket full of water. But this creates a big mess and is only effective for 30 seconds. It takes longer to clean up the mess - in which time whatever you were eating/drinking will get skippered. I threaten to kick him out, but he does not believe me. All the threats are ignored. He seems to know that the threats are all empty. Oh yea - you are really going to toss me out. Well go on then! Do it. No? HA! Did not think so! Now step aside so I can stick my paw in your drink to see how cold it is.

I have dumped more liquids out that way than I care to think about. Cause that is gross. He digs in things with that paw. Ugly horrible things. So when the beer gets super skippered (paw in the item you are eating/drinking) - it is no good. And does he want it? Hell no. He just wants to investigate it. If my beverage just gets regular skippered (sniffed) then it is still good. I guess.

Lets see, what else. I guess that is all.



Blogger cathouse teri said...

I love that cat! Heheheheh. I just can't get over that. A cat who tortures a man.

Tell ya what, if I were to visit, he wouldn't Skipper my shit. He knows I'm the QUEEN!

Hey, thank for doing that math for me. I try not to do math, whenever possible. Which explains my bank account.

Blogger TLP said...

We once had a cat that loved Doritos brand tortilla chips. He would stick his ENTIRE HEAD into the bag even as you were trying your very best to push him off. He was also a pest about coffee. With coffee he was like Skipper. He didn't want it, he just had to check it out. But he would eat the Doritos. He loved them.

Blogger Daisy said...

Hahahaha! I think you should go by the 5-second rule. If anything gets Skippered for 5 seconds or less, you can still eat or drink it.

Blogger actonbell said...

Intriguing movie review.

This is none of my business, but your diet does not sound very healthy. If you were to eat your quota of fruits and vegetables, you might not have this problem.

Oy, about drinks: Get a sippy cup. You live alone, right? No one's gonna confiscate your MAN card because no one's gonna know.

Blogger cathouse teri said...

Omigod! I would totally expect that advice from Mrs. Teapot! :)

Blogger Herr Krokodil said...

The Lazy,

I always skippered stuff from my kids when they were young now they skipper me because I get caught thinking they are too old for such foolishness.

Blogger TLP said...

Ever watch "Myth Busters" on TV? The 5 second rule is bunk. If Skipper puts a paw in a liquid, ewwwww....

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Teri - Skipper would skipper anything you decided to eat. Even tomatoes. He insists on investigating everything.

TLP - when the coffee cools down, it gets skippered if you are not watching it. Once he discovers you have something he likes, he just keeps trying to get at it. No matter what you do.

Daisy - I draw the line at the paws. Those paws dig in "the box". Lets not even begin to mention the horrible things that are in "the box".

Actionbell - the movie really went somewhere I was not expecting it to. It was the best of the three. Not that they are connected or anything. The only thing they share is the theme. I do not eat much McDonalds, just enough to know Skipper likes the fries.

Krok - As long as they do not attempt to skipper your boat, then all is good.

TLP - I saw that episode. But no matter what those guys say, the 5 second rule is part of life. It just is. We all need rules. The paw is gross, cause it digs in "the box".

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

I'm home now. It was fun..and NO BAIL MONEY REQUIRED!

I have our slide show up, you must see it.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I will go look at the slide show now.

Blogger Fuzz said...

If you drink enough beer, maybe you won't care too much. I mean, it's a lot of work to get up and get another one, and you could "fall down and can't get up"
Puddin' and his sister, Two Face, are into that Skippering thing too.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

My food used to get P.E.'d while I was eating it. I have a bad habit of eating in front of the television and that glutton of a beast would come stick his face in my plate while I was eating. I miss the pushy old bugger, but I don't miss having my dinner P.E.'d.

Blogger Econo-Girl said...

Wow, and I thought our cat Miss Havisham was aggressive! We really have to catch her and put her in the bathroom to keep her from eating off of our plates.

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