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Monday, November 12, 2007

For Your Amusement

First off, in a comment left yesterday I was asked when I added Blotto "I Want To Be A Lifeguard" to the Iguana Music.

The answer is that the first song I added to the list was Blotto. I was testing the Project Playlist thing to see how good it was. Yea it is going to have the stuff people know about. But will they have Blotto? Well it seems that yes, they did. I was impressed so I went on and built a playlist.

Now I would like to share a You Tube video sent to me. It seems one of my Canadian readers has a slight problem. Her cat does not understand the concept of "burying it".

This is not that uncommon. Ill spare you the evidence, but Sake has been known to drop a duce in the bath tub. It is not the best place to drop a duce, but it is better than somewhere else. Like behind something large and heavy where I can not get to it without a major undertaking. It is pretty easy to clean up really. Scoop, dump in the toilet, flush, and then bleach.

Like I said, I will refrain from photos or video of the evidence.

But the cats here do not have the problem Packet seems to have. My cats dig like they are making a sand castle in that thing. I have to get boxes with high sides to keep the litter in the box - otherwise it ends up all over the place.

And Sake only drops a duce in the tub if I allow the boxes to get scary. Keep em scooped and she uses them. If they are ugly and / or scary, she finds someplace else to go.

Someone may be sending me some junk in the mail. How about that? But that is OK - for I have junk to send back. And what will I do with my stuff? If it is cool keep it - otherwise box it up and send it off to someone else.

In fact, this could turn into a fun Blog game. The modern version of the fruit cake. Nobody ever actually eats a fruit cake, if someone sends you one you just send it to someone else! Kind of like that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say that cat is clearly high on crack. And or retarded from inbreeding. I am sending you top quality items which are clearly not junk. You will won't want to pass any of these items along because you will become fond of each and every one....although christmas is coming up?

Blogger Daisy said...

That cat must not have paid attention when the mom-cat was teaching the lesson about covering.

Blogger Fuzz said...

We had one that used to do it under the bed, then when her time came, she crawled under the fridge. We didn't know what had happened to her for a few days. But then we found out. It was a big old heavy antique thing.

Buy the way, I actually like fruit cake, especially the kind made with brandy or rum.

Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

qz thinks your cat is retarded? ~says the owner of Ms. Kitty Sock Tail~

Everyone like a brick soaked in rum.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

QZ - Packet is not retarded. She just has issues with covering up evidence. I do not think Canada has any crack, the demand in the USA is too high for any to make it that far north.

Daisy - I had a cat like that once. It was somewhat funny to watch. What the hell? Don't you know your paw is just swiping the air?

Fuzz - that is awful. One time a large toad died behind the washing machine in the garage. In the summer. OH BOY did it stink. The remains of the toad are still back there, I never did move the washing machine.

Emma - that is not my cat. I do not have a black and white cat - but I do have a black,white, and orange cat. All three colors on one cat.

Blogger Kristen said...

Guys, Packet's not retarded. She did, however, probably miss out on a few good lessons because she was separated from her mommy very young (about 5-6 weeks). I think her thought process is something like, "The air outside the box smells a lot better than anything INSIDE it, so I'll just scoop some fresh air on top."

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Kristen - Gigi the three color cat was also removed from her (wild) mama cat while very young. But she seems to understand the concept of "the box". Of course there were other cats here that she may have learned from.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

(The late) P.E. used to do the same thing. He'd go in the tub. When he was a kitten he would go on the bookshelf! That cat never really liked using the litterbox. When he did use it, he'd hang his butt over the edge. Lot of help there!
Those who know about P.E. know that he isn't The Late because of this--although the thought did cross my mind at times. He died from kidney failure.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Strange - I had a female orange cat that had a flea allergy (itchy cat disease) and also liked to SLEEP in the litter box! It was horrible. The cat got many baths.


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