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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Skipper, Box In A Box, Netflix, Porcupines In Love, Gift Ideas

Netflix is now 50% more evil. As it is now it is pretty evil. It makes it for too easy to waste a lot of time watching movies. I mean it could not be easier. The movies are mailed to you, you watch em, then mail them back. You do not even have to leave the house.

And now they have "watch it now" options! Not all the movies have this option, but there are a lot of selections that are available for instant viewing. Over the internet. I do not know how the hell it works, but you click "play it now" and in 30 seconds you are watching something. The quality is good enough and I have never had anything freeze up and re buffer. It is pretty slick.

So now I am watching the ENTIRE 1st season of Heroes. This is a really good series. I missed it when it was on TV, but I can watch it now.

The EVIL part is that you get sucked into it. You want to watch one more episode. Then one more. Then one more. It is hard to stop. It is kind of like crack.

RANDOM THOUGHT! I posted something about how a porcupine would be a horrible logo / mascot for toilet paper. You know, what with all the quills that break off and get stuck in you and all. So here is the thought. IF these quills get stuck in dogs and people dumb enough to mess with a porcupine - how the hell do those critters have sex?

Some of you asked for a Skipper The Cat update. He still has all his parts. I keep neglecting to call the vet to schedule the fixing of Skipper. It has to be done soon however. Otherwise he will get out into the backyard and then go off on an adventure and come home bear up. He is not very large. He will get his ass kicked worse than these guys in a biker bar frequented by Hell's Angels. And that is not the kind of ass kicking you want to get.

So what has to be done has to be done.

Someone should have done the same to ANYONE who wore anything like this in the 70s. I do not care how high you were, or how good those Quaaludes were. You should have known better. Holy shit.

So to save Skipper from getting the snot beat out of him - what must be done must be done. And also he seems to be pestering the girl cats more than usual. The girl cats are all fixed and as a result just do not want to put out. This is going to be another problem. If they would just give Skipper a little then there would not be so much trouble. He could mark off a territory (preferably OUTSIDE) and then that would be it.

But knowing that little shit, he will mark his area inside, and everything will stink something horrible. And the girl cats will not cooperate, no matter how much cat nip and fancy food Skipper brings them. It just is not going to happen. So the nuts gotta go.

Now to leave you all off with a music video! And it also doubles for a gift idea to all the hot chicks who may read this madness. But really - I do not know how many hot chicks read this. So if you know any hot chicks then you may want to send them this video, so they will get the great gift idea. Christmas is right around the corner you know

I think it was inspired by a Saturday Night Live sketch or something.



Blogger M@ said...

Q: How do porcupines have sex?

A: Very carefully.

Blogger M@ said...

I love her.

Blogger TLP said...

You won't gather many hot chicks with that video. Just horny guys. I don't think that's what you're after.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - that video is hot. I would have to check her ID however.

TLP - I was just offering a helpful gift giving guide. If you are hot you can never go wrong with your box in a box as a gift for any occasion.

Anonymous Emma said...

Did those plaid stallions ever get laid? Oh, lordy.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I always thought the Wyld Stallyns were pretty cute, but if one of the Plaid Stallions approached me and I were loaded enough to override my Politeness Fail-Safe, I don't think I could hold back the big smirk as beer spewed out my nose.

Blogger Avery Gray said...

I know some hot chicks, but I doubt they'd do that. Maybe. Don't know. Can't imagine it, though.


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