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Friday, December 07, 2007

Nothing Has A Place

I finished a motivational poster! Only I am not sure what motivation it is supposed to create. So really it is more like an informational poster. Or better yet - a poster that points out something we all already know.
Now how true is this? Very true. Feel free to steal this poster, I did not really create it. I stole it from somewhere else. I have a ton more that I will use as I see fit.

In other news - not a whole lot going on here. This weekend I have to get the boat ready for Winterfest. I need to figure out how I will attach the signs and banners to the boat. I may also try to make a thing to attach the orange flashing light to. I am thinking I can weld something together that fits into the rod holders at the stern. This will keep the orange flashing light out of my eyes.

I have some sort of holiday party to go to today. It will be OK, but not great. This means only a cash bar. And here I got used to cool parties with open bars where everything is free. Oh well. Better luck next year I suppose.

I have no idea where the hell my wallet is. I had it yesterday. But today???? Who knows. All I know is that it is somewhere. Nobody used any of the credit cards in it and God knows there was no cash at all in it - so I am fairly sure it is not in danger. It is just misplaced. I have to look around for it more tomorrow. I need it because there is some ID in it that will be useful tomorrow. And I may need to liberate some cash from the electronic bank machine so I can partake in some cheer at the cash bar.

My best guess is that I need to check the truck better, or that one of the cats batted the wallet off the table it usually hands out on and under some object. Or I put the wallet down somewhere and then put something else on top of it - obscuring it from view.

This happens all the time. Just last week I had to use my spare truck keys because I "lost" my primary set of keys. They were located under a pile of towels. It seems I dumped a load of clean towels on a little coffee table, right on top of the keys. Out of sight out of mind!

I need to be better organized. But this is just NOT going to happen. People like to say "everything has its place". Well I call bullshit on this. Everything does NOT have its place.

If everything has its place - then where the hell is my place?

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Blogger TLP said...

Arrrrggghhhhh! Take that apostrophe out of "it's" in that last sentence!

LOVE the poster! Soooooo not PC, but soooo good.

Blogger Avery Gray said...

I'm going to steal that poster from you and use it sometime. That's a handy thing to have on hand. I love it!

Know what I don't love right now? Blogger. I left a comment on your last post, and it's not there now. Unless you erased it, it's off floating around the ether somewhere. You didn't erase it, did you? I can't imagine why you would have. It's not like I called you a lazy chameleon or anything you could get huffy about. Heck, I think it was just a comment on how many time you used the word fender, or something equally inane. And, since you're trying to garner hate mail, well that's about as hateful as I get. M@ calls me a prude. He's not all that wrong. Except for the sex scenes I write in my books, but that's different. That doesn't have anything to do with boat fenders.

Or does it?

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

That stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME. Someone used to say to me, "Just put everything back in its place, and it will be there when you need it." But HOW am I supposed to remember where its PLACE is???

Blogger M@ said...

shit. even *I* am better organized and i just cleaned my kitchen and found a homeless guy in there. he's planning to sue me.

Blogger AP3 said...

Any luck with the hate email lately? How do you feel about hate comments?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

TLP - AH HA! So that is how I can get to you! It's it's it's. The poster rules. I have even better ones.

Avery - I never delete any comments, unless I deem to be spam and/or some strange long rambling manifesto.

Scarlet - The proper place for any item is where I set it down. That is the way I feel about it.

M@ - you should put the homeless guy to work. Then he will have a job and may not be homeless anymore.

AP3 - still no hate mail. Oh well. I will try harder in the future.


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