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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baynanza 2008

The day is here! Baynanza is upon me.

So, at some unholy hour in the morning I have to rise from my slumber like a zombie rises from the grave, and stumble about grunting noises looking for some fresh brains to eat. Like a zombie, only less stinky because none of my flesh is rotting and I showered recently.

The alarm is set for 6 AM. Now under NORMAL conditions if I am awake at 6 AM is it because I have not gone to sleep yet. But normality is for sane people. Nobody ever accused me of sanity.

Most of the grunt work is done. Today at the last minute (as usual) I managed to get the boat stereo bracket made and bolted into place. So the stereo will not bounce all over the place when underway. I also bolted down the satellite radio thing. Sure I could have done this a while ago. But have we already forgotten SLOTH is my favorite deadly sin? Always put stuff off to the last minute, or else is it no fun.

The truck is cleaned out, so my crew can fit in it. This was done at about half past midnight. The trash was thrown out, everything else was crammed under the seats or put into the tool box. But whatever. There is room for people in the truck once again.

The boat is ready to go. All I need to do is unplug and remove the automatic battery charger. I also want to open all the locked compartments and remove any crap I will not be needing, so there is more space for other crap people will bring. But most of the crap is already removed.

The truck is hooked up to the boat trailer already. Ready to go.

When I awake, all I have to do is make the coffee, dump it in the thermos, put the beer and cans of fizzy water in the cooler, put the cooler in the boat cooler holder, check trailer tire pressure, load one more life jacket in the boat, grab the electronics bag and toss it into the boat, go to the gas station to get ice and possibly more air for the trailer tires, and then go to the ramp. No problem. Sounds like a lot but it is really not.

There will be photos of the bay cleanup. The camera battery is charging now. In fact, it is done charging now.

Boat battery number 1 seems to be low. I think it is on the way out. This sucks. It means I will need two new batteries soon. When I get new ones Ill get one starting battery and one deep cycle battery. Probably Optima style AGM batteries. I am done with wet cell boat batteries. AGM batteries never need water added.



Anonymous krok09 said...

The Lazy,

You need to take your Ho to see Zombie Strippers. It's a great movie staring my favorite porn star Jenna Jameson. Also the movie has anti-Bush overtones, since you don't like Bush you would probably like the movie. Oh it's not a porn movie it's mainstream.

Blogger M@ said...

Wow. Let's trade lives.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I am feeling envious over your ability to drink coffee. I recently had to cut out ALL caffeine. Even the small amount that is in iced tea. Big time suckage!


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