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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Work Games

OK I see how it is. I put up photos, and.............NOTHING!

No comments huh? Wow.

So I will not get even. I found a new way to waste time. It is called "Magic Pen". The game play seems very simple on the surface. It is very simple really. You use a magic pen to draw simple shapes. Rectangles, triangles, squares, and circles. Of course there is an object to the game! You have to move a red circle to the goal, which are marked by flags.

You can also use pins to fix shaped together, and hinges to allow shapes to swing on a pivot point.

And of course there is gravity. Larger shapes seem to weigh more than smaller shapes. You can drop objects onto other objects to get things moving, or construct a crane with a thing that swings from a hinge to get things moving. Whatever you think will work!

Anyhow, I made it to level 12 where for some reason the red circle was not there. So there was no way to pass that level. I must be missing something. So if you play and get past level 12 let me know what the heck you did to get the circle to appear!

So go on and click the link. It is a "game" but you can justify playing it because it DEMANDS critical thinking. If you ask me, it is a good game to play at work. Ill bet your boss is ALWAYS going on and on and on about "thinking outside the box" and shit. I would like to kick the ass out of whoever came up with that term. How useless is that? Think outside the box. What if it is cold outside the box? What if only retards are outside the box?

Anyhow this perfectly good at work game increases critical thinking skills, so it is not "wasting time". It is valuable training in thinking outside boxes and shit.

And here is the best part. If you get busted playing the game and the boss does not buy the "it helps sharpen my critical thinking skills" lie, and tells you something like "critical thinking is not important" then you have it made! At the next meeting you are off the hook. The boss can ask you "what do you think about this problem" and you can reply "nothing. I was not paying attention. You said not to think critically anymore".

This reminds me of a story. A friend of mine has a supervisor that sent a memo out to all employees that if you did not take your break exactly at 9 AM then you could not take it later. Use it or loose it. Well this was retarded, and everyone knew it. So one day my friend was driving somewhere with the supervisor in a company vehicle. Well at 9:00 AM he pulled over on the expressway. The supervisor freaked out. So my friend just points at the vehicle clock and then hands the supervisor a copy of the memo that the supervisor wrote. Then he announced "I am taking my break now", turned off the vehicle (no engine = no AC) removed the keys (no keys = no radio) and stepped out to smoke a cigarette.

For the next 15 minutes he just had fun watching the supervisor freak out and yell into the cell phone and whatnot.

The next day the break policy was amended to allow people who were busy with a "critical task" to take a break after the task was over, or at a point where a break can be reasonably taken.

Using official policy against the person who wrote the policy is the pinnacle of workplace games. You are just sticking to policy, so you can not be written up. But if you can skillfully turn that policy AGAINST whoever came up with it....well then you are the MASTER!

And then there was the time the boss told him to go look at some piece of equipment that was not working. This boss was an ass and berated everyone to do EXACTLY what the boss said. So my friend goes and looks at the equipment. It was in fact not working. So he continued to look at it. Well an hour later he gets called. It is the boss wanting to know what he was going. Well he was just doing exactly what the boss said - looking at the thing. Not doing anything about it, just looking at it. The boss did not say "fix the thing" or "find out why it is not working". Just to look at it. As in with your eyes. You do not look with your hands now do you???

Sometimes, work can be a lot of fun.

Today will be fun. Got a lot of stuff to do. Then after that, I have to finish up some stuff here. Then Friday more of the same. Then Saturday is the bay cleanup event.



Blogger Doozie said...

whats uppppppppppp

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Same shit really.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Hell, half the time I can't get comment one on the shit I post. So I've decided to immerse myself in my boring e-commerce blog. No-one ever comments there, but a fair number of people do read it.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I tried the Magic Pen game. It was too complicated for my slow wit and current half-asleep state. Which is my normal state more than half the time.


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